Lizel Strömberg

(The) United in Holland. - An experience for life!
Last weekend was so much fun!
Long story, short:
Carol and I went to Holland to work on our project. Lets say, Holland was not really what we expected it would be. 
We had a really hard time to find all the places where we were suppose to go to, but luckily the people there were very helpful and tried to help us out as much as they could. 
We met The United and also got to work with them. 
It was lovely to meet the guys again, they were as nice as always.
The whole trip was an experience itself and even if we had a lot of downs, everything turned out just fine in the end.
We got to go on our first trip abroad without parents.
Went to our first release party and we got to see another side of the world. 
We even got to experience how it could be to work backstage and as a photographer.
I'm so grateful for this and I wanted to say thank you to all the people that made this trip possible:
The United, their management, my parents and of course Carol.
Girl, our trip was crazy and thank you Carol for wanting to be my partner in this crazy project. 
Now let the real work begin! 
The best week in a very long time!
To tell a long story short, this is what happened:
* I got asked to be one of the two people that was going to promote the brand new boyband
"The United" for their first gig here in Gothenburg! 
  (Don't you dare to take/use the pictures without my permission)
* Thanks to the promoting thing, I gain two new wonderful friends! 
* I even got to met Felicia and Frida together again for the first time since, what it feels like forever! 
* I learnt how to work faster and better with my photos in Photoshop
* After months of waiting we finally got to see the band perform live for the first time! 
- I'm actually amazed how good they actually were live!
* We hung out after the concert and had a blast with the band in their tour bus!
- The guys were actually REALLY nice and they were SO funny!
It's funny tho how we all were a bit nervous to meet them cause we were a bit afraid that it would be hard to talk with them. That it would be awkward silence because we would have to talk in english that we are not used to do and
the fact that it was the first time meeting them.
But everything just went just fine and we had a blast! 
When they come to a city near you I really recommend you to go and see them! They are both really nice and talented guys with good looks so I don't see why you wouldn't go. ;)
- I had a blast with everyone anyway and I'm so grateful for everything that happened those last couple of days!
Really a memory for life! 
 Thanks to everyone that made this possible! ^_^
 (Don't you dare to take/use the pictures without my permission)
Meet The United exclusive on Thursday!
The United is a new boyband that has just started their first PR tour through Europe!
On Thursday you can meet them exclusive in Nordstan at 2pm and to see them perform their new single "Stay Young"
follwed with some acoustic covers! 
So Thursday in Nordstan at 2pm, is the place to be! 
You will be one of the first people seeing them live on stage in Gothenburg so make sure to be there! 
You won't regret it!