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Throwback Thursday: Birthday celebration!
Carol is going to laugh and say: "Told you so!", when she gets to see this blog post. The thing is, I told her I would post this around the time we met and photograph these pictures. She knows me way too well, so when I told her that, her response was simply:
- "No you won't, you will post it in a couple months".
I was going to prove her wrong, but I guess it became true after all. Even though it's kind of late to post these pictures, I wanted to share them here on my blog and with you anyway. 
These pictures are from her birthday back in January. Madde and I surprised her with dinner at the restuarant in Saigon. We hadn't met in a while, so it was nice to get back together to hang out and celebrate Carol's birthday. 
As always, Carol and I were taking photos and just had a fun time together with Madde. It was nice catching up and just hang out. 
We were suppose to buy some bubble tea as well, but unfortunetly there was no boba left so I was the only one buying it. I still wanted some kind of dessert and since it was Carol's birthday we decided to go to Expresso House to get "kladdkaka". "Kladdkaka" is one of the most popular cake here and it's very tasty. It's definitely one of my favorites!
Before we went separate ways, we took some pictures of the three of us. We had some problems getting all of us in frame and getting pictures were everyone was satisfied of how they looked. We even asked some one to take the picture for us, but it didn't went that well since the person was not used to using a DSLR camera. We ended up having lots of funny pictures and Carol couldn't decide one to upload so she solve the problem by working her magic and created a great college with the different pictures, which I absolutely love!
If you want to see more of Carol's pictures from that day you can check them out at her blog:
To end this blog post I will say: Very belated happy birthday Carol! Haha.
Meet & Greet - Marcus and Martinus at Hard Rock Café
Last week, I got invited to the meet and greet of Marcus and Martinus that took place at Hard Rock Café in Gothenburg last Sunday. Marcus and Martinus are a twin duo from Norway that release pop music. They are known for their participation in the norwegian music competition: "Melodi Grand Prix Junior" 2012 with their song "To dråper vann". Recently Marcus's and Martinus's fan base in Sweden has grown a lot and their single "Elektrisk" has become very popular in Norway but also among the young kids here in Sweden. 
Sony Music organised two meet and greets last week, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. I got the opportunity to attend the event in Gothenburg and photograph everything that was going on during it. If I'm not mistaken, I think there were about 40 fans that won a contest to get tickets to attend the event. The audience were mostly kids from the age 5-15 years old with their parents or older siblings. I'm not used to attending a show with young fans like that, but it was fun being in a different enviroment for a change. 
After the preparations and the soundcheck it was time to let the winners of the meet and greet inside. You could feel the excitment in the air. While the fans were waiting for the event to start, they were singing along to the songs that were playing and some parents stood in line to buy some merchandise for their children. 
The event started off with Nina from Sony Music who welcomed everyone to the meet and greet. Marcus and Martinus hit the stage with their two backup dancers. They performed three or four songs (can't really remember how many), but the closing number was of course their single "Elektrisk".
Some times, I forget how tall Swedes actually are, despite that the fans were much younger than I am, a lot of them were taller than me. I had some problems taking pictures during the performance but I did the best of the situation and got some pretty decent pictures anyway.
After the performance it was time for a small Q&A with the boys before it was time for the fans to meet their idols. Everything was planned in a great way to make sure everyone got their time with Marcus and Martinus, to take a professional picture together, get their autograph and also a selfie if they wanted one.
I must say, Marcus and Martinus did a great job and they were very professional in their way to perform but also in the way they interacted with their fans. They were very sweet and made sure everyone got their photo taken and their merchandise signed. Also how they interacted were very genuine and they made jokes, hugged their fans tight and even carried some of the smallest children in their arms. It was very cute to see. 
The little girl in the photo below, was very cute. She had stood in line for a while to meet the boys. Once she got up on stage, one of the boys greeted her with such energy together with a hug, which I think took her by surprised. It made her start crying and wanted to be let go to walk over to her mum. She was a bit afraid and couldn't stop crying, so they had to walk off the stage without getting their photo taken. Poor girl. Hopefully they got their photo taken later on. 
These kind of events are one of the things I love to photograph and hopefully I will be able to do more of this kind of stuff in the future! To end this blog post I just want to say a big thank you to Nina from Sony Music for inviting me to the event, for having such positive energy and for believing in me as a photographer. I had so much fun attending the event and photographing during it! You all did a great job for organizing the event and as a fan of a lot of music, I know how much the fans appreciated being able to attend it! 
I'm sure we will hear a lot more from these boys, and I'm looking forward to see how far they will get since I can see there are some potential in them! 
Welcome Party @ Stockholm's City Hall
After the first interviews for the week, we had to get ready for the welcome party at Stockholm's city hall. Back during the first semi final, we didn't really knew how things worked at the welcome parties. But for the welcome party during the finale week of Melodifestivalen, we knew more what to expect from it. We ran a bit late because we had to go to the apartment where we were staying at to drop off our luggage, so we missed the whole press thing at the beginning of the night. We didn't mind because we knew we would get the opportunity to talk with the artists later that week. 
I didn't took that many pictures during the party, consider that I was tired from running around during the day. Also I didn't felt like intruding people with taking pictures of them when they were having dinner or talking to one and other.  
While Jenevia sat at the table having some thing to eat and had conversations with the other international press who sat there, I walked around took some pictures because I noticed that some people conducted interviews and got their pictures taken. I thought it would be fun to have at least some pictures from the event, so I walked around and tried not to be in the way while I was photographing the other press doing their work.
I went back to Jenevia and we mingled a bit, said hi to people we hadn't met in a while and just had a fun time. 
David from Holland, who is a friend of us was there at the welcome party as well. I've been talking to him a bit online, and this was the first time we met. He was as funny and as nice, as I thought he would be. I loved meeting him and he's definitely a person I will keep in touch with. 
More unseen pictures from my experience of doing coverage of Melodifestivalen will be published soon. Also, I've got a lot of other pictures from various events and from my everyday life to share, which will be included in their own blog posts. If you are curious to see all of my new pictures and to read my stories, make sure to follow me on my social medias and keep an eye out for more updates!