I have started to take guitar lessons! ^_^

5 chords in 2 weeks! 
Two weeks ago I had my first guitar lesson. I started a bit late for this term but it was because I got accepted for the class just a month ago. But in just two weeks I have learned 5 chords and I think it's going pretty well consider that I have only had 3 classes so far. 
I'm picking up quite quickly but I guess it's because I have played the recorder for a long time now. Anyway it's A LOT of fun to finally learn how to play the guitar, I have always wanted to be able to! 
So funny that "Wonderwall" is my first homework, it's a classic and I just love it! 

MinStoraDagStjärna - Semifinal 2!

Here are my pictures from last week when I was at MinStoraDagStjärna semifinal 2 to take pictures of the talentshow that my friend arranged!
Hope you like them! ^_^ 

Kungsbacka Theater - Crew

Yesterday I was in Kungsbacka Theatre to shoot the finals of the Talentshow "MinStoraDagStjärna" that my friend Jennfier had arranged. 
It was a lot of fun and the lightning was SO much better than last week! 
I'm not sure tho when I will put up the pictures because I have a lot of things in school this week so I guess 
they will come whenever when I'm finished with it. :)
BUT some of the picutres from last week will I put up maybe today or tomorrow so stay tuned!
Until then have a nice sunday! ^_^


"If every tear
Could revive a guy or two
I'd go around the world
Catching a drop from the eye of u

Boston, Boston don't u cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Boston boston close ur eyes
Gonna sing u a lullaby

If every song I sing
Could destroy a bomb or two 
I'd write a million songs, give them wings
Take what u lost and give it back to u

Boston, Boston don't u cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Boston boston close ur eyes
Gonna sing u a lullaby

If every tear
is a part of something new
we could go and live
in the land of the blue
and sing

Boston, Boston don't u cry
Everything's gonna be alright
Boston boston close ur eyes
Gonna sing u a lullaby"

Classical evening!

If you didn't know I'm playing the recorder and have been doing that for about 9 years now!
So earlier today I had a concert and played 2 songs with some other talented musicians.
I was a bit nervous if I may say so., it was the first time I had a solo part in a song. I failed a bit on both songs but haha except from that everything just went great! ^_^

Kungsbacka - Photographing at a Talentshow!

Today I was in Kungsbacka to shoot the Talentshow my friend Jennifer had arranged to collect money for the charity organization "MinStoraDag". 
It was really fun to be there photographing even if the lightning was quite bad. 
Hopefully I got a couple of good shots anyway. 
Right now I'm studying on my history assignment and will do it until I'm done with it so pictures and all that from today will come
whenever I'm finish with them. 
Until then I hope you will have a good night sleep and have a good day tomorrow! 
Good night! ^_^

The best week in a very long time!

To tell a long story short, this is what happened:
* I got asked to be one of the two people that was going to promote the brand new boyband
"The United" for their first gig here in Gothenburg! 
  (Don't you dare to take/use the pictures without my permission)
* Thanks to the promoting thing, I gain two new wonderful friends! 
* I even got to met Felicia and Frida together again for the first time since, what it feels like forever! 
* I learnt how to work faster and better with my photos in Photoshop
* After months of waiting we finally got to see the band perform live for the first time! 
- I'm actually amazed how good they actually were live!
* We hung out after the concert and had a blast with the band in their tour bus!
- The guys were actually REALLY nice and they were SO funny!
It's funny tho how we all were a bit nervous to meet them cause we were a bit afraid that it would be hard to talk with them. That it would be awkward silence because we would have to talk in english that we are not used to do and
the fact that it was the first time meeting them.
But everything just went just fine and we had a blast! 
When they come to a city near you I really recommend you to go and see them! They are both really nice and talented guys with good looks so I don't see why you wouldn't go. ;)
- I had a blast with everyone anyway and I'm so grateful for everything that happened those last couple of days!
Really a memory for life! 
 Thanks to everyone that made this possible! ^_^
 (Don't you dare to take/use the pictures without my permission)

woops! ...Good Morning!

Haha, woops! I didn't uploaded the blog post yesterday that I told you I would, so sorry for that! I know that some of you are waiting for it! 
I didn't get finished with my pictures in time but hopefully I will be finished with it today instead! 

Until then! Have a nice day! ^_^

Updates is on it's way!

I had a CRAZY but wonderful week with both new and old friends! 
I will fill you in on everything later today so just stay tuned and you will get to know what I've been up to this last week! ^_^

Meet The United exclusive on Thursday!

The United is a new boyband that has just started their first PR tour through Europe!
On Thursday you can meet them exclusive in Nordstan at 2pm and to see them perform their new single "Stay Young"
follwed with some acoustic covers! 
So Thursday in Nordstan at 2pm, is the place to be! 
You will be one of the first people seeing them live on stage in Gothenburg so make sure to be there! 
You won't regret it! 

My new little toy!

Here is my new little toy that I borrowed from my school!
Haven't tried it before and I have to say it's REALLY difficult to figure out how to use it. 
But I guess it's fun to learn some thing new! ^_^