Lizel Strömberg

A while ago, my family and I were at my aunt's birthday party. As always I were the one helping everyone taking pictures. I took the opportunity to take some pictures for myself as well. 
These pictures are a bit different from what I used to post here, but it's nice doing something new. I had a bit hard time shooting the pictures, since the room was darker and had a lot of things which were red. With a bit editing I think I managed to fix the pictures to a more natural colour. 
JTR at Vimpeln!
A while ago, I met up Felicia in Alingsås to hang out for a bit and catch up with everything that is going on. The guys in JTR were going to perform at Vimpeln the same day so I thought I could introduce Felicia to the guys, since she hadn't met them before.
JTR was about to release their debut album that week, so this was kinda a promotion thing for the album. They were also recording an episode for a tv-show at set, which was fun to see. 
Other than that, the gig was as good as always! Felicia got very impressed of their harmony and one of their songs which I thought was very funny cause she can be a bit picky when it comes to artists. :P
Oh and as you can see, I took quite many pictures in different angles but that was cause I was testing my other lens which I usually doesn't use at concerts, just to see how it worked out. 
(In my defense why I didn't made a better "funny face", I WAS NOT PREPARED. Haha)
Daughtry at Trädgårn!
A couple of months ago, the band "Daughtry" was here in town for their concert at "Trädgårn". I've been a fan of theirs since 2006. Earlier the same year they had a concert in Stockholm, which I was very sad to not be able to attend. So when I heard about the gig in Gothenburg, I just had to go!
This was the first time I waited for a concert like this by my own. I was surprised over how few people were there to que during the day. 
I ended up at the front thanks to Annelie and her mum. (THANK YOU)
I was very excited to see Daughtry for the first time, and specially after have been waiting for years to get the opportunity to do so.
I absolutely love the set, and to hear both old and new songs was an incredible feeling! To see them upfront so close and to actually get notice from stage was wonderful!
I even got my first guitar picks from a concert like this! I would also had been given a drumstick, if it wasn't for the disrespectful guy who just pushed me out of the way to take it.
Despite the guy that pushed me and the bad sound, I had a blast! I even got to meet Elvio Fernandes (which plays the keyboard) and Chris Daughtry himself! On top of that, I even met a new friend. :)