Last day in 2011!

Today it's the last day of 2011 ! 

And it have been the most wonderful year ever!
For REAL..!
Can't put in words how much I've changed in person, how many amazing memories I
have made and how much I have laugh and smiled this year..!
So thankful for everything and yeah I have been doing a summery of my 2011 today but
I'm not finished yet so it will come someday after new year so yeah stay tuned if you want to
see it! ^^

Mjaaaooou! I'm a cat!

Leave The World Behind <3

Hehe tried my new lens a little! ^.^

Amy Diamond and Youngblood in Nordstan!

Last thursday I went to Nordstan little random to see Youngblood was like the second time ever
they performe or something like that...
...And yeah that was nice!
Was there little to early so haha I saw Amy Diamond performe to.. :P

But yeah met several friends there and yeah that was really nice to meet everyone again! ^^
And I also met Molly Sandén there and did a little suprise for Felicia ;)

But yeah anyway the whole time there was awesome! ;)
And yeah here is just some pictures I took there! ;))

Christmas Eve! ^^

Little pictures from christmas eve and what I have got so far! ^^

24th December - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Hope you will get a wonderful christmas with those you
hold close! ^^

Kaito - Christmas cosplay!

Hehe a little christmas feeling in the pictures! ^^

And yeah...Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

22th December!

23th December!

The day before christmas! #Excited! ^^

Familyoid - Photoshoot in Liseberg! ^^

Had a little photo shoot last saturday with the cosplay group that I'm photographer to and yeah
it was lots of fun and it was also the first time I met everyone else! ^^
So to everyone in the cosplay group that was there...It was nice to meet you! ^^

21th December!

So cozy!

My biggest idols ever <3

I don't think anyone understand how bad I really want to see those guys live and yeah next year is it
the last chance EVER to do that.

Panic? - Yes!

20 December

11th - 19th December

11th December - 3 Advent

När tredje ljuset brinner,
vi juleklappar syr
och vi bakar kakor
och har ett fasligt styr.

12th December

13th December

14 December

15 December

16 December

17 December

18 December

När fjärde ljuset brinner,
vi hämtar julegran
och alla barnen räknar
dan före dan före dopparedan.

19 December

Now I'm back on track!

Think I should update here more often if my static is going to look like this or maybe more? :)

"Jul på Liseberg!"

Today was I in Liseberg with Lina and the rest of the people in the cosplay group
that I'm a photographer to! ^^
It was nice to meet everyone for the first time and yeah had a fun
time there! ^^

Pictures of the group will come when they have approve them but in mean while
you can to see this;

Roller Coaster Week!

This week have been very busy week so it's why I haven't been
able to update here so much.
But here is a sumery of my week! ^^

It started last friday at Paulina's house!
It was her birthday so me and my friends went to her to celabrate her a bit! ^^

The following saturday Frida wanted to go to Nordstan to see Eric Saade...
...So I went there also so she didn't was alone :P

The next day was Felicia and me in Liseberg to see Chris Medina for the second time!
And that was just amazing! His voice and he even sing one of my favorites songs all time "Amazing Grace!"
And he also saw us and waved and yeah haha think he recognise me...And after the show I even got a hug! :)

The next 2 following days was it school but it was just chill not so much to do.
...and yeah we celebrate Saint Lucia a little bit at my little sister school :)

And yeah the concerts didn't stop there...
...Me and Daniela hang out at the Musikhjälpen for three days..!
Monday, Wednesday and on Thursday!
On monday we saw Hoffmaestro....
....And also Chris Medina for the THIRD time in less in a week! 
It was really awesome..! He wave and smile to us! haha and made our day a little bit :P
...and haha had said before that it was the last time I saw Eric Saade on saturday but woops!
On wednesday Daniela and me went there to see him anyway...haha random...but yeah Frida and Cicci was
also there so it was nice! ^^

On thursday was Daniela and me free from school so we just went to musikhjälpen for the third time this week
but for this time to see Adam Tensta! ^^
(and hahaha he wanted our gloves :P )

And...Later that day I hang out with Felicia and her classmates on Rytmus..! 
That was really nice..! And on the evening the whole school had a Christmas fair and
had lots of "concerts" there! 
And that was REALLY awesome! Meet several fun people, new and old.

And that was my week! 
The begining of the week was just pain in the ass but yeah everything turn out to be great! 
At least on thursday... :)
And a big thanks to Daniela that have been with me the whole week!
hahaha we are CRAZY! xP

...and a big thanks to Felicia and Mr. A that light up my day and the rest of the week!

New Design!

Just got a new design and a header on the blog...
....And they are made by my friend Carol so a big THANKS to her! ^^

10 December

9 December

The one and only....Chris Medina!

In wednesday Daniela and me met the one and only...Chris Medina!
It was just so random! We got to know it like 20 minutes before it starts
that we was allowed to go there.. :P
While there he was just so amazing even tho he sang little wrong
in one song but yeah he really do have an amazing voice!
...and he was also so sweet to us and yeah all he said really
made our day!
Smiling because of you.

8 December

7 December

5th & 6th December

Idol-event in Nordstan!

Finally is it working to upload the pictures from saturday!
....So here you go! ;)

Had an awesome time with my friends and the
whole day was just great!
The idols was just great, so talented and so sweet...!
We get styled by some people there, got a lot of Läkerols,
played games and just had some fun!
And yeah it was also just nice to meet everyone of my friends again! ^^
....Thank you everyone that made the day so great! ^^

I give up! doesn't work so good now...
...can''t upload any pictures and have been
trying for like an hour or more but now I GIVE UP!

Will try to upload them tomorrow instead and
hopefully it will work then...!

....So now time to sleep...Good Night!

Not okey

Seriously what is happening with!?

Can't upload any photos! T_T
Not okey....

4 December - 2:e Advent

"När andra ljuset brinner är snart lucia här
Hon bjuder oss på kaffe
och bud om julen bär"

It took longer time than expected....

Okey sorry! I know some of you have waited for the photos from yesterday
but yeah I didn't had time to upload them today...But every photo is
finish edited so they will come TOMORROW so just stay tuned!

Someone that can guess what I did yesterday??

more pictures and what I did yesterday will come later so stay tuned! ;)

3 December

2:a December

Just a fail picture but hey whatever! It's a picture from yesterday when I met Olle
from Swedish Idol :P

1:e December 2011

Okey It's the first december today and I'm going to start
my own little Advent Calender here on my blog...
...Nothing that big but yeah I will put a entire every day to count
down to the 24th December...
..So if you want to follow it is it just to check in my blog
here every day to see it!

Hope you will like it! :)