Lizel Strömberg

"Potatisfestivalen": Andreas Weise
Every year, Alingsås is holding this city festival called "Potatisfestival" which contains a market, activities for children and concerts during a weekend. 
One of the days of the festival I went there to see Andreas Weise. I've seen Andreas a couple of times during the years since he was in Swedish Idol. This time it was a bit different, and more people have gotten into him since his participation in "Melodifestivalen" this year with his song "Bring Out The Fire". 
There was some technical problems during the gig, but as goofy as Andreas is, of course he took the opportunity to make some funny jokes for the audience. 
I love the energy Weise shows on stage! During the gig Andreas had an exclusive premier of his song "More" which I personally really like. It had never been played for an audience before, so it was cool being one of the first people hearing his new song. You should definitely check it out on Spotify, which you can do on this link:
Andreas was in a hurry to catch his train, but as nice as he is, he came out to the people for a quick picture and to say hi. :)
Getting better at updating here didn't went that well at all. This time there was nothing I could do about it, since our internet has been down for weeks.
Now, it's back up running and I can finally start showing you what I've been up to during the summer! For example, I've been around taking street photography, attending concerts, travelled to London and so much more! Keep an eye out for more updates within the next few days. Thank you for being so patient!
Måns Zelmerlöw: HeroesTour at Liseberg
Eurovision was held a couple of months ago, and I think no one has missed that Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden won the whole compitition. Soon after his victory in Eurovision, he went on tour not only in Sweden but around Europe.
I got the opportunity to see Måns at Liseberg earlier this summer during his tour.
I was very excited about seeing Måns since I had heard that his setlist didn't only contained his latest songs but also his older ones, such as "Cara Mia", "Brother oh Brother" and "Hope & Glory". Which I was very glad to hear!
But the song I was most excited to hear was "Hold On", which is my all time favorite song by Måns! 
I really enjoyed the concert, to singing along to the well known songs and just being able to see Måns performing a whole show since I've been waiting for a while to do so. 
It was interesting to see how some people acted like they were bigger fans of Måns than they were, since they clearly only knew the lyrics to "Heroes". 
Other than that, it's very nice to see that Måns is finally getting the recognition that he deservs!