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GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition - The next level!
For a while now, I have been thinking about taking my blog and creativity to the next level. I have noticed that what I want to tell through my photography doesn't really come through exactly the way I want all the time. Photographs only capture some of the moments and feelings I exeperience through my lens. 
Lately, my family and I have been watching some old clips from when my siblings and I were younger. It was fun to see how things were before and hear all the laughters we have shared. I have been watching a lot of vlogs and videography, specially from the Philippines the past year and have exeperienced the culture in a different way than before.
I've been thinking a lot and I decided that I want to push myself and start to do other than photography, so I want to share with you that I'm about to start doing videography!
To start off my new path, I bought a new equipment which is an GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition!
I wanted to start off simply and buy a camera that is easy to handle and not too heavy and complicate in the beginning. Carol has actually bought a GoPro as well which is fun! Now we can start off together! Carol might be a head off me since she has done some videography before and are much more talented and used to think creative in almost everything she does. 
I'm not sure how things will go with my new plan and area of creative work, but I'm excited to learn and experience a lot of new things. I have been recording footage the last month of summer, and hopefully you will be able to see some of the work I have put into to it. 
"Nästa Nivå" is a project where people from the Swedish hiphop industry search for new talents, which they coach and help to get to the next level. Some of the artists that have got together to find and help new talents are, Adam Tensta, Timbuktu, Medina, Silvana Imam and Ison & Fille. 
The project had a big concert during the festivity at "Göteborgs kulturkalas" where the new talents got the opportunity to show the audience what they have been working on through out their time at "Nästa Nivå". 
The host of the show was the famous rapper Adam Tensta. I have to admit, I enjoy listen to hiphop once in a while but it's not really the kind of music I usually would go to see a live show of.
Patrik Jean
The main reason why we decided to stick around was because of the fact that Sabina Ddumba was one of the coaches and was there to perform some of her own songs. I love Sabina's voice and her songs so it's always a pleasure to see her perform. As I've probably have said before, I'm really looking forward to hear more of her music soon!
For a while now, I have heard the artist name "Elliphant" a lot but I've never looked it up to know who it is or what kind of music she does. At "Nästa Nivå" for the first time, I got to see who Elliphant is. Right before she hitted the stage, it was all quite and once she appeared, it was like an energy boost! 
Her stage presence was different from the others and it was such a fun time to photograph her on stage! The music Elliphant does might not be my cup of tea but I loved seeing her live. She was moving a lot side from side, making eye contact and just put her all into the performance which I loved! 
Linda Pira, one of the most famous rapper in Sweden at the moment where there to perform as well. The sun had started to set and it got a bit harder to shoot the pictures because of less light. 
The time flied passed fast and we actually forgot to go to one of the other events we had planned to go, but we actually didn't mind much. Hiphop music might not be the music I usually listen to but I enjoyed seeing the show and Carol and I had so much fun to photograph it!
TBT | Finale week of Melfest - Press conference!
Since it's Thursday today, I will do a Throwback Thursday. As some of you already know, earlier this year I was doing coverage of "Melodifestivalen" together with my friend Jenevia for the website Museled. I have already shared my pictures and some stories from the first semifinal in Gothenburg but have yet, loads of unseen footage to share from the finale week of Melodifestivalen
I know, it might be a bit late to post about the competition since it's over 6 months it took place but I feel like I want a closure on that chapter and share photographs, thoughts and stories with you. I'm not entirely sure if there's anyone still curious on what we got to experience during our week in Stockholm. Either way, I will do throwbacks once in a while to make up for the delay for those who have been wainting to read the posts.
So, here it goes! First blog post after a long delay with photographs from Melodifestivalen!
March, 2016. One of the first things of the press activities that took place during the finale week of Melfest was the big press conference which introduce the qualified contestants to the press and were we got the opportunity to do small interviews with the artists. 
Mr. Melodifestivalen himself, Christer Björkman was the host for the press conference to call up the contestants on stage. 
Panetoz - "Håll om mig hårt"
 Lisa Ajax - "My heart wants me dead"
 David Lindgren - "We are Your tomorrow"
 SaRaha - "Kizunguzungu"
Oscar Zia - "Human"
Ace Wilder - "Don't Worry"
 Robin Bengtsson - "Constellation Prize"
 Molly Sandén - "Youniverse"
Boris René - "Put your love on me"
Frans - "If I were sorry"
Wiktoria - "Save Me"
Samir & Viktor - "Bada Nakna"
This time we were more prepared on how things were set up and what to expect from the press conference. We knew that people would try to cut in line, do almost anything to get their footage and it would be even more chaotic since more press applies for the finale than the semifinals. Because of the time limit and the fact we were only two in our team, we had to priorities which one of the contestants we wanted to talk to and had an opportunity to get an interview with. 
One of the acts that were on the top of our list were of course Samir & Viktor, since we had bonded with them back in Gothenburg and knew we could get a fun interview with them.  
Boris René was one of the debut artists in this year competition that had qualified to the finale. His song "Put your love on me" a great uptempo song which has had quite a success over the year, which personally was one of my favorites in this year's competition. 
David Lindgren was back in the competition for the third time which many people were happy about! As Jenevia says in the video below, she had tried to email several publicist to get an one-on-one interivew with almost all the artists but got only two replies, David was one of those artists we had looked forward to talk to a little bit more than the others. Since we couldn't get an one-on-one interview with David, we took the chance to talk to him during the press conference.
The hour we had in hand flew by fast and we were only able to get three interviews of the 12 contestants that were there. No dissapointments there, since we knew there would be more opportunities to get to talk to the others during the week. 
As you might can figure out, I was behind the camera all time and I must say it was a bit difficult to hold the camera steady despite having a stabilizer since people were pushy, cut in line and walked in frame. Very unprofessional, wish it would be more organized, so it would be so much easier for everyone to get their job done.
Other than that, it was very nice seeing a lot of familiar faces and know that we had done a good impact for people to remember. Being friendly, polite and geniune last longer!
If you haven't already seen, more interviews are posted on MuseLed Blog's Youtube channel for you to see. More photograpghs and stories will be coming soon! 
Hope you like this post and you are more than happy to leave a comment or hit the like button down below to let me know what you think!
Until next time, take care!