Don't Talk Shit!


Photographer: Carol Gabriel 

"Kulturkalaset": Kim Cesarion, the guy with the amazing falsetto!

Yeah, so we went to see Kim Cesarion once again. 
I mean, if the opportunity comes and he is playing nearby, why not take it? He has becomed my favorite this year, and it's always a pleasure to see him perform! 
This time, Carol attended the concert with me, Felicia and Frida. It was her first time going to a concert like this and to shoot this kind of concert pictures. It was lovely to have her with us, and it was also fun having another photograhper with me. 
One thing though, it's funny how I always seems to manage capture good pictures of Kim. 
Now, you are probably wondering if we met Kim since I'm not uploading any pictures with him.
And yes, we met Kim after the show, he was as kind as always!

Nickelodeon day with artists as Yohio, Alexander Vasiliou and more!

We went to see Nickelodeon day mostly to be ready to take place front row during Kim Cesarion's concert after the show. But I was looking forward to see Alexander Vasiliou as well!
It was some young singers there performing which I think have been competing in talents shows earlier and somehow got the opportunity to go on the tour.
Yohio was there and you could tell that the majority of the audience were there for him. It was my first time seeing him live and he was actually better than I thought he would be but yet nothing really for me. 
The lightning and the smoke was really good when Yohio was performing and I got some really good shots which I wanted to share so that's the reason why there's so many pictures of him. x) 
Oh, and I met Alexander after the show. Such a happy guy, and he seemed glad that I took the time to come by and say hi. :)

"Kulturkalaset 2014: H.E.A.T."

The third concert for the week was H.E.A.T.
This time, it was my second time seeing H.E.A.T. perfom a full live show and they delivered a very good show just like the previous one. 
I had a hard time taking pictures since it was a bit late on the day, the sun had already set, and the lightning was no good. The lightning either changed too much within a small amount of time, or it was too bright and too close to them which made a weird colour on their faces. 
Anyway, here's some pictures I was able to save and edit to something usuable. 
(I didn't got any good pictures of Crash or Jona Tee since they were too far in the back, which didn't had much light.)

"Kulturkalaset": Smash Into Pieces!

While we were waiting for H.E.A.T. to perform, a band called "Smash Into Pieces" was performing. I took the opportunity to take some photos of them since the lightning was good and they might have been very good looking as well. (a)

"Kulturkalaset 2014-08-12: Sarah Dawn Finer!"

Every year, there's a culture festival in Gothenburg which is held for about a week. It has been a tradition for me and my friends to attend some of the concerts during it. 
This year, the first concert I went to see Sarah Dawn Finer. I've been wanting to see her ever since her paticipation in "Melodifestivalen" 2007 with her song "I Remember Love". It was an acoustic set and she really showed what an incredible artist she is. 
I really liked that she talked about the swedish election which is held this year, that she was really happy that she just got her citizenship and was able to vote for the first time. She talked about racism, anti-racism. and how she imagine how Sweden should be. It was very interesting and inspirational to listen to her. 
Other than that, I was just enjoying the music and her great energy on stage. :)

Copenhagen 2014


Last "Lotta på Liseberg" for the summer!

11th of August, it was the last day at Liseberg to see Lotta på Liseberg for this summer. The guests for this show was; "Kevin Walker, Joelle Moses, Jill Johnson, Linnea Henriksson, After Shave and Anders Eriksson". 
Felicia and I had been waiting for this day all summer since we really like Linnea and absolutely love her music! We kinda have a history with Linnea, so it's always a pleasure to meet her!
We spent the day together with Frida and it was very nice to be all of us three together again! 
(The dress rehearsal, too bad that I didn't managed to capture any good photos of Joelle and her fabolous dress on the live show. Other than that, Joelle was a great singer that made the song "The Real Thing" with Kevin a bit better!)
I've always liked Jill Johnson and her music has kinda always been around me somehow, so it was nice seeing her live again!
Kevin Walker, a very humble guy. It was nice seeing that he has got much more confident on stage than the last time I saw him perform!
Overall, the show was good and it was really fun to hear two of Linnea's new songs live for the first time! She sang "Halmstad" and "Ensamheten" which are from her latest album "Du söker bråk, jag kräver dans". I highly recomend everyone to listen to them, and the rest of the album as well!
After the show, I took the opportunity to meet the artists and just thank them for the show. Despite that the pictures are taken with a flash, I'm surprisely satisfied with them. 

Here's a sneak peek of our adventure in Stockholm!

I think most of you are aware about my trip to Stockholm through my other social medias and are a bit curious about it since you apparently have been going into my blog as well. 
You know probably I'm a bit slow on my updates here, and wants to edit my pictures before I post a blog post. But since I have a lot of pictures to show before those from Stockholm, I will post a sneak peek of one the things we did there: