6th July | Lotta på Liseberg: JTR & Kristin Amparo

During the day of Lotta på Liseberg, I didn't felt well at all. I tried to keep the spirit up, since I didn't wanted to disappoint Frida and leave her by her own. We got to see both the dress rehearsal, and the show at set. Even if I was not feeling it that day, we had a lot of fun! It had been a while since we had hang out. 
After a while in to the show, I had to leave our seats since I wasn't feeling well at all. I just had to go out of there to breath and get water. I've never left a show before it ends, and it felt so weird doing so! 
We enjoyed the last of the show from a distance. Couldn't get that good pictures, but I really liked Madcon which was there performing their hit "Don't worry". 
After the show, we went to meet our boys in JTR just to say hi since we didn't really got to talk with them when we met them briefly during the day. It's always such fun meeting them! I also got to meet Ninath for the first time, which was a very happy surprise! 
Kristin Amparo, was one of the acts this year I really wanted to meet and say hi to. She was as happy as you think she would be, such a nice person! Loved talking to her, and actually bring up diversity in the conversation. Kristin is such a talented person, and I look forward to see more of her in the future!

Lotta på Liseberg | Andreas Moe, Mariette and more!

"Lotta på Liseberg” has been and still is a tradition for my friends and I to attend during every summer. For those who don’t know, it’s a sing-along program, which is shown on television with different kind of artists as guests. 

The first program for this year started already in late June. The artists for the show were Mariette, Jon-Henrik Fjällgren, Brolle & Nanne Grönvall, Mia Skäringer and Andreas Moe. 

I attended the show with my friend Felicia that was mostly there for Mariette, while I was there to support Andreas Moe.

It was nice being back on set and be in the well-known atmosphere of Liseberg.
It’s so much fun to see how Andreas is growing as an artist in Sweden and finally getting to show his talent for the Swedish audience.
The show was cosy despite all the rain that day. We got to meet Mariette briefly together with our friends Felicia & Erica. They also took the opportunity to take a photo with Jon-Henrik when he came over, which was the most hilarious thing ever. Haha
We also got to meet Andreas for a chat. It was nice seeing him again. Felicia hadn’t met him before, so she thought it was fun meeting him as well. He told that he might get back to do another show this fall, which I hope I can attend!

Last "Lotta på Liseberg" for the summer!

11th of August, it was the last day at Liseberg to see Lotta på Liseberg for this summer. The guests for this show was; "Kevin Walker, Joelle Moses, Jill Johnson, Linnea Henriksson, After Shave and Anders Eriksson". 
Felicia and I had been waiting for this day all summer since we really like Linnea and absolutely love her music! We kinda have a history with Linnea, so it's always a pleasure to meet her!
We spent the day together with Frida and it was very nice to be all of us three together again! 
(The dress rehearsal, too bad that I didn't managed to capture any good photos of Joelle and her fabolous dress on the live show. Other than that, Joelle was a great singer that made the song "The Real Thing" with Kevin a bit better!)
I've always liked Jill Johnson and her music has kinda always been around me somehow, so it was nice seeing her live again!
Kevin Walker, a very humble guy. It was nice seeing that he has got much more confident on stage than the last time I saw him perform!
Overall, the show was good and it was really fun to hear two of Linnea's new songs live for the first time! She sang "Halmstad" and "Ensamheten" which are from her latest album "Du söker bråk, jag kräver dans". I highly recomend everyone to listen to them, and the rest of the album as well!
After the show, I took the opportunity to meet the artists and just thank them for the show. Despite that the pictures are taken with a flash, I'm surprisely satisfied with them. 

Lotta på Liseberg the 4th of Augusti with artists as Kim Cesarion, Andreas Weise, The Comment Linnets and Frida!

I don't have much to say about this day. I had a great day with Felicia and Frida on set of Lotta på Liseberg. It was nice meeting Kim again, and to see Weise live after a long time. Other than that, I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 

"Lotta på Liseberg" 14th of July with JTR, Oscar Zia, Shirley Clamp and more!

Before I took a vacation to Denmark, I went to Liseberg with Frida to spend the day at "Lotta på Liseberg". If you know me well, you probably knew that I attend "Lotta på Liseberg" with my friends every summer to see the show, which is really fun!
That day, it was actually mine and Frida's first time on set for this year, so it was really nice to be back! Same people were there, the nice guards as well and the show was as good as always! I really like the atmosphere there. Everyone are just happy to see the show and excited to meet their idols.
This time the guests for the show was JTR, Oscar Zia, Shirley Clamp, Magnus Carlson and Linus Svenning. We were mainly there to see JTR but also Magnus since he has been my childhood-idol for such a long time now! It was nice to see the others as well!
Since it was JTR's debut tv-performance here in Sweden, it was really exciting to see what kind of response they would get. It was funny how they seemed to got a lot of new fans already at the dress rehearsal! 
Afterwards, the artists had a signing. We thought it would be fun to say hi to everyone so we sticked around for it. 
Next time I think we should let someone else take the picture since John didn't really do a good job with capturing all five of us. xD
We also spotted Mattias Andreasson, which I think is working as Oscar's tour manager? Anyway, as a former E.M.D. fan I had to say hi to him. It was lovely to see him again, I kinda miss the old E.M.D. times. 
And yes, I know my photo with him is very blurry, but blame Frida. ;')
We also got to talk to Magnus which was really nice and he was amazed over the fact that I've been a fan since he was in Alcazar! Which is about 12 years ago! 
To sum up this day, I think you could tell that we had a very nice day! I'm glad that I got to share it with Frida and it was nice to see her as well!

Last week: Lotta på Liseberg - The live show!

Here's the pictures from last week's "Lotta på Liseberg".
- As I've said before, I had a wonderful time and it was so much fun meeting everyone!
Sidenote: This week, I'm going to be very busy with being at concerts and hanging out with my friends, but I will try to keep you updated as much as I can!
Stay tuned!

Lotta på Liseberg 5/8 - Dress rehearsal!

This week, I went to the last show of "Lotta på Liseberg" for this summer with Felicia and Frida.
The artists this week were Magnus Uggla, Mary N'Diaye, Margaret Berger and Danny Saucedo. 
It was so much fun and I also got to meet so many of my friends on set! Like Annelie, Felicia, Erica and I even got to meet Lina,
that I haven't met since last year!
I also had the luck to meet Danny before the dress rehearsal.
My shyness took unfortunately over so I didn't say that much to him, but he was nice as always and took his time to take pictures with us! :)
 More pictures are coming SOON.

One week ago: 'Lotta på Liseberg - Björn Skifs and more!

A week ago I was at Lotta på Liseberg with Linnea!
Over the years I have been talking about my experiences there at Liseberg and how fun it actually is to be there live on set.
She has been wanting to go for so long and last week it was finally her first time there!
It was a lot fun and she had a good time there, she said!
I'm happy that she went with me and got to experience it herself at last! ^_^
Sidenote: I was at the last show of the year of Lotta på Liseberg yesterday so pictures from that will come, SOON.

A week ago: "Lotta på Liseberg" - Rascal Flatts!

A week ago I was once again at 'Lotta på Liseberg' to see the show live. This time I was there for Rascal Flatts!
It was amazing and I basically heard 'Bless the broken road' LIVE ! :') 
The show was fun as always, it was just SO annyoing that the people who sat in front of me was SO TALL, that I barely could see the stage and to take photos. 
So be nice, the photos isn't that good this time. They are all blurry but I thought it could be fun to post them as a memory anyway! :)