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TB | Celebrating Easter in The Philippines
How people celebrate Easter in different countries can vary depending on the religion, culture and society. In Sweden, the bigger Chrisitan holidays are celebrated but the reason behind them is often forgotten in the festivity or not that important anymore, (in this context Easter).
When my family and I celebrate Easter we usually just get together with family and friends to eat dinner and spend some quality time with each other. Some Swedes might do an "Egg hunt" where the children get to search for easter eggs containing candy for them to get, which the "Easter bunny" has left for them. I haven't experience that tradition myself but that's what I've heard anyway. We paint eggs, decorate our places colourful but with most yellow and give away easters egg containg different kinds of candy. 
When I was in The Philippines last time, back in 2015, I got to experience a tiny bit of how Easter can be celebrated there. 
In the Philippines, Christianity is a very big thing and the religion is very important for many Filipinos. The people in Philippines celebrate Easter for a week and they call it "Holy Week". 
These photos are taken in the province where my mum is from and where many of my relatives lives. During Friday night of Holyweek, there was a procession taken place where the people walk from one side of the village from one of the church, through the village, into town and back again with their carriges of Jesus or Maria. I don't know a lot of how the traditions are like because they can separate of where you are from in The Philippines. I do not either have a full understanding of their religion and their beliefs. But according what I got told was that it's a Catholic tradition and the procession is the walk when the people get to know that Jesus died to join Maria in her grief. It was interesting to see the procession and it was something I've never seen before. I admire the creative work they had put into to make their carriges as good as possible and to make sure they light the way. 
It's interesting and fun to see other aspects of an holiday we both celebrate but in differents ways, in that way I get to learn more about other cultures. I've been in The Philippines numerous times, but I would love to go back soon to learn more about the culture and exeperince it through new eyes. Next time I will head back, I will make sure to experience new things and try to capture the beauty of The Phillines, the people and the culture. 
To end this post I would like to say Happy Easter to everyone whether you celebrate it or not. Enjoy your holiday, treat yourself and if you are meeting friends or family make sure to spend the quality time you have with each other properly without looking to much on your phones. 
Until next time, ingat!
Philippines: 20 hours of traveling
Some of you know that I was in the Philippines in March/April. Going there takes a lof of time, and you are basically traveling a cross the world to get there. On our way to the Philippines we did two stops over, one in London, and then one in Hong Kong. It could be very tiring to have to travel for such a long time as 20 hours but in the end of the day, when you meet your relatives; it's all worth it! <3 
New category: "The Philippines"
For about three weeks ago, I came back to Sweden after a month back home in the Philippines. I had such a great time over there, that I didn't want to leave at all.  
Of course as the photographer I am, I took a lot of pictures during the trip. I've got plenty of footage to share, that I will take the opportunity to make a new category on my blog called: "The Philippines". Under that category I will not only post pictures from my trip but also other things related to the Philippines and their culture. It will be a way for me to keep being in contact with my Filipino side of the family but also for you to see something different. 
Once I've started to edit more of my pictures, there will be new blog posts about the Philippines once in a while.
I hope you will enjoy them! - Until next time, take care!