The vibe inside the arena in Linköping!

It's always so much fun going to the rehearsals of Melodifestivalen and to feel the vibe inside the arena when the audience get to see the performances live. It's always a special feeling to see a performance live, you get to experience it in another way together with other people fan of the music.
Heading into the arena, I got surprised over how small the arena actually was. For my sake, that was a good thing because that meant it would be easier for me to take pictures of the dress rehearsal. During the dress rehearsals are actually the only opportunites we get to photograph the hosts. 
I have to admit, those faces that De Vet Du is making in the car in their performance are creeping me out a bit. x')
I didn't take a lot of photos during the rehearsals since I knew I already had a lot of footage from the rehearsals the day before. I focused more to tweet during the rehearsals and just take some photos of the hosts and the interval acts. 

I really liked the interval act in Andra Chansen with Dani M and Linda Pira. It's nice that Melfest open doors to other kinds of music than are usually shown in the show. It lets more people being able to get the exposure and show there's much more music out there. 
Another person that was one of the interval acts was Daniel Norberg together with his brother Emil Norberg. Daniel competed in Swedish Idol back in 2010 but these days he's most known from YouTube for his parodies of various subjects. Daniel and Emil has done parodies of Melodifestivalen's songs since 2013 and the interest for these videos have grown ever since! 
I've actually followed Daniel's journey since he was in Idol and seen him perform numerous times and watched him grow as an artist and change direction. I really like Daniel's and his brother Emil's work and once I got to know that they were going to be the interval act, I got so excited! It was interesting to see how they would do the performance since a lot of their work includes visuals and art that gets done in the editing but this time it was going to be shown on stage. I really like what they came up with this year and I'm so happy for them that they get to do it on the actual Melfest stage this year! 
Watch Daniel's performance in the clip above! 
When you are at it, you should watch the parodies they made of the contestans in Andra Chansen on their YouTube channel which you can watch in the clip below. My favorite of all the acts must be the on of Axel's songs which in their video is called: "Det Slinker Ner" by Axel Kylskåp. :P
After the dress rehearsal it was time for a press conference with the artists. At that time we had already got interview most of the artists so we were not in a hurry in any way. We decided that we wanted to make sure to get another chat with Loreen since we knew there were a lot of fans wanting to hear from her. But also De Vet Du since it's always such fun talking with them. 
Once we were finished with the two interviews we decided we didn't need more since we still had the one-on-one interviews to post, so I took the opportunity to walk around record some footage and take some headshots of the artists. It's fun that people recognize me and are happy to pose for me to take pictures. 
It's interesting to see how a lot of the people treat me differently when I'm approaching them than some of the other media, in positive way. Some people seems to be surprised over how polite and genuine I am which is interesting since that in my mind is something you always should be. 
This is the last blog post about Andra Chansen due to the fact that I applied for press to Andra Chansen later on, I didn't had a press pass for Saturday, the day for the broadcast. I'm glad that I decided to go to Linköping since I bonded with people, created contacts and got a lot of good content made which I never would have if I didn't make the decision to go. Some times you just have to take the opportunity when it's there and do most out of it. 

Until next time, ingat! 

Happy Easter | 2017

Happy Easter Everyone!
Hope you had a great holiday and that you could enjoy your time off. Easter was very calm for us and we invited my uncle, his wife and my aunt for dinner at our place. I've been sick the past week so I was glad that we didn't had a bigger celebration than that. 
One of the best things about celebrations are probably the food! Pancit which is a dish of noodles, that I love and is kind of something you gotta have on every kind of celebration according to the filipino culture. 
The amount of dessert was so many! First off we had Fruitsalad.
We had cake, casava cake and buns as well for dessert. The food was so good and everyone was so full at the end of the dinner.
It's fun to have some quality time with my family and relatives to just catch up and have some laughters. I appreciate it and I think it's important to have those moments where you just spend some time with your closed ones. 
I hope you had a very pleasant easter and that you got to treat yourself with food, had some quality time with family/friends or just have a moment of free time to do nothing. 
Until next time, ingat!

TB | Celebrating Easter in The Philippines

How people celebrate Easter in different countries can vary depending on the religion, culture and society. In Sweden, the bigger Chrisitan holidays are celebrated but the reason behind them is often forgotten in the festivity or not that important anymore, (in this context Easter).
When my family and I celebrate Easter we usually just get together with family and friends to eat dinner and spend some quality time with each other. Some Swedes might do an "Egg hunt" where the children get to search for easter eggs containing candy for them to get, which the "Easter bunny" has left for them. I haven't experience that tradition myself but that's what I've heard anyway. We paint eggs, decorate our places colourful but with most yellow and give away easters egg containg different kinds of candy. 
When I was in The Philippines last time, back in 2015, I got to experience a tiny bit of how Easter can be celebrated there. 
In the Philippines, Christianity is a very big thing and the religion is very important for many Filipinos. The people in Philippines celebrate Easter for a week and they call it "Holy Week". 
These photos are taken in the province where my mum is from and where many of my relatives lives. During Friday night of Holyweek, there was a procession taken place where the people walk from one side of the village from one of the church, through the village, into town and back again with their carriges of Jesus or Maria. I don't know a lot of how the traditions are like because they can separate of where you are from in The Philippines. I do not either have a full understanding of their religion and their beliefs. But according what I got told was that it's a Catholic tradition and the procession is the walk when the people get to know that Jesus died to join Maria in her grief. It was interesting to see the procession and it was something I've never seen before. I admire the creative work they had put into to make their carriges as good as possible and to make sure they light the way. 
It's interesting and fun to see other aspects of an holiday we both celebrate but in differents ways, in that way I get to learn more about other cultures. I've been in The Philippines numerous times, but I would love to go back soon to learn more about the culture and exeperince it through new eyes. Next time I will head back, I will make sure to experience new things and try to capture the beauty of The Phillines, the people and the culture. 
To end this post I would like to say Happy Easter to everyone whether you celebrate it or not. Enjoy your holiday, treat yourself and if you are meeting friends or family make sure to spend the quality time you have with each other properly without looking to much on your phones. 
Until next time, ingat!

From a funny performance by De Vet Du to getting goosebumps over Loreen's Statements!

One of the things I really looked forward to in Andra Chansen was the rehearsals since there were a lot of performances that I loved watching from home, so I was very excited to see them live and getting to photograph them. In majority of the performances during Andra Chansen were uptempo/midtempo and had a lot going on in the choregraphy.
I don't know what the other photographers do to prepare themselves before taking pictures of a show, but I like to do some research and study how the artists are like on stage. Since the performances in Melfest are most of the time the same if they get to do it the second time, I could watch the performances and get to know when I need to be ready to get my shot
I will take the performances in order of how the line up for Andra Chansen was. First out in Andra Chansen was De Vet Du with their funny performance of "Road Trip". It's a very technical performance where the camera angles have an important call in how the performance will get out to the tv viewers. 
From watching the rehearsals in Gothenburg, I already knew how the performance are like and what to think about when photographing it. I got quite many good photos of the performance in the semifinal but the only thing that bummed me out was the fact that I couldn't get any good photos of Tor since he's always in the back. My plan and priority for photographing the performance in Linköping was to get photos of Tor. Unfortunately, we had to run off during their rehearsals since we had an interview setup but I manage to get some pictures from the first round through. 
As I've said many times before, I have a soft spot for boybands and FO&O is not an exception. The thing is though, when things come around I'm very picky in what there's to like. The bands have to give something extra and show that they have work ethic which FO&O has constantly done throughout the years they have been artists. 
"Gotta Thing About You" might not be their best song but I enjoy listening to it. The lyric is stuck in my head whether I want it or not. I was a bit sad that they had removed the platfrom from the performance since it was something extra and memorable. Also, I had already planned out how to take photos of it once I saw the performance back in their semifinal. FO&O was probably the act that was the easiest to photograph for many reasons. They are very photogenic, there's movement but not too hard to capture in photos and I know by know how they move consider I've seen a lot from them throughout the years. On top of that, the lighting was very decent and made things easier for me.
Axel Schylström was one of the acts that really surprised me with his song and the whole performance. The only songs I've heard him sing before Melfest was covers, so I didn't really know what I could expect from him. Once I heard the song and saw his performance, I really loved it. It's very catchy and I like his stage presence. You could tell that he was loving every second he got to be on that stage!
I have split opinions about Lisa Ajax and her Melfest entry. I'm not really a fan of it as much as her last one but at the same time, I like it. It wasn't much for me to photograph during her performance since it was not a lot of contrast in her performance that made my pictures a lot different from each other. 
The charming Boris René was as always loads of fun to see perform and I really enjoy photographing him. Since I already knew his performance almost in and out from being at semifinal 1, I didn't needed to rewatch it a lot beforehand. The most challenging part of photographing Boris's performance is the fact that there's a lot of movement and there's many of them so they get out of frame when I want to get all the dancers and Boris in the shot. 
Dismissed was one of the debuting acts. Their music and style isn't something that the Melfest audience are used to seeing in the contest but personally I really liked "Hearts Align" and it was a nice contrast to what else that were in the show. It's nice that the Melfest stage has changed and lets different kinds of music get the exposure as well. 
It was very difficult to photograph the Dissmissed's performance because of the lighting which had it's own effect to it. I'm not sure how to explain it but in simple terms, there were not enough proper light on the bandmembers except for the singer, which was a bit of shame. 
Anton Hagman became one of the new favorites this year quite fast. I really like his song "Kiss You Goodbye". It's VERY catchy, radiofriendly and it's easy to follow along to the lyrics. I just wished there was something more to the performance. It could have been as simple as moving to another part of the stage or leave the guitar and walk out more to the audience in the last part of the song. Just something
The performance that had everyone talking was of course Loreen! I was super excited to see the performance and hear her sing live. She's a great artist and really thinks about the whole package and puts a lot of effort in the visuals. Her entry was of course one of my favorite this year and I'm so happy she decided to enter Melfest with her statements. 
I adore Loreen and she's way too good for Sweden and Melfest. I really hope she keeps working and getting her music out there. She has everything going on for her and she's a Queen. With the right work ethic and the right people around her, I hope she has her breakthrough soon so she can show the world what she got to offer and make more statements through her art
Photographing Loreen's performance was the most hardest one because of the lack of light. It annoyed me so much specially since I had in mind beforehand that I would finally be able to photograph her with a better lighting than the shows I've been at before with her. I tried to do my best and I got some decent photos to share. But in the end of the day, I was just happy to be able to see it live. 
That was about it for this time, I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Until next time, ingat!

Meeting Loreen, photographing Axel Schylström, Boris René and more!

The first day in Linköping was very eventful and we had several interviews scheduled during the day. Jenevia arrived earlier that day but since I had work before I could head to Linköping, I missed out on some of the interviews. 
Before I arrived, Jenevia interviewed Boris René and Axel Schylström. 
In Jenevia's previous interview with Axel, he was very surprised over the how much she knew about him because of the research I had done. In the interview he even said she should say hi to me, which was so random but fun! The funny thing, I didn't felt that I found that much about Axel so it was really nice to know that the research I made was appreciated. 
Axel is such a nice and funny guy, it's a shame that the more energetic and funny side of him doesn't really get to be shown as much as it should. Make sure to check out our interview with him in the clip down below to get a more clear view on his personality and hear him talk about Melodifestivalen, international fans and more fun things! - Love that he tells Jenevia that he's still amazed over how much we knew about him and that he got surprised over the new trivia I had found for this interview. 
Unfortunately, I missed out on the interivew itself but Jenevia had told Axel and his publicist that I was coming later that day and would love to get photos of Axel. They were totally fine with giving me time to get my photos later that evening. It was very nice to finally meet Axel in person, to introduce myself and give him a face to the person doing the research that he was so amazed over. 
Another artist Jenevia interviewed during that day was Boris René. We met Boris back in semifinal 1 and we were very happy to see him back and that he qualified. Doing research for the interview with Boris was very hard as they talk about in the beginning of the video. We still have to keep in mind that Boris is a newer artist. But I had gone through lots of interviews and articles but they were saying mostly the same thing. Which I think is a shame since Boris is such a good artist that has a lot of things going on for him plus he has a great personality and lots of charisma. 
If you want to get to know Boris René, you should watch our interview. We get to hear Boris talk about being in the Motown show with Afro-Dite, personal interest, music and more!
When I arrived to Linköping, I got to the opportunity to photograph Boris as well. He's so much fun and was being a bit silly when I photographed him but I loved it! This first photo is for sure one of my favorite photo that I've taken! I love when people do something extra for me to photograph which will make my photo stand out and not look like just another photo. 
One of the acts that I was most excited to see back in the contest was Loreen. Getting an interview with Loreen is hard and not everyone get the opportunity to do so. When we got the confirmation for our interview we still were a bit unsure because, things can always change in the last minute and we have experience that several times by now (with other people). The interviewed got pushed back but when we finally had Loreen before us, we were so happy to be getting the interview set up. We knew there are loads of international fans out there that wanting to hear more from Loreen and we wanted to interview her to post something for the non-Swedish speaking fans. 
Our interview with Loreen must be one of my favorites from this year. 
I've been following her since she competed back in 2011. I really admire her as an artist and all the humanitarian work she does. Loreen is a strong woman that works hard, she's a great vocalist, performer and puts out great music. I adore her!
When we are working, I'm always busy taking photos but this time I had to make sure I try to get a photo with Loreen. I was a mess that day from working at my daily job, running around and traveling but I still wanted to share the photo here since I got it. 
We thanked Loreen and soon after that we were reunited with De Vet Du!
If you thought our first interview with them were long, this second was is even longer. xD
You can tell that it had been a very long day, we were tired and things were just messy but despite that it's a very fun chat about various topics. We talked with them about their previous songs, projects, them explaining the "dad jokes" they make, the song they wrote to Penny Schulman and more!
In our interview due to the conversation the guys gave me compliments for some of my photos which I was happy to hear. Another thing that happens in the interview is that Jenevia pulled up a photo of Tor and Dj Hunk that I took for them to see and their reaction was very funny. The guys made her watch one of their videos called "Fartglasses" where we ended up talking about "Frasse King" which they were surprised over that we didn't liked. x)
The video might be long but there are many funny moments in it to see which I recommend you to see. If you decided to watch it, make sure to pay attention to each member because they keep doing funny faces/sounds. Also, if you really pays attention you can see DJ Hunk smiling. ;)
My last photo with De Vet Du was messy, we all know that so I wanted a photo with us when we look much more decent and them not looking drunk. Guess what, it turned out pretty well. I have to admit, I was worried about how it would turn out since I was having a bad headache and was super tired but I'm so happy the photo turned out as well as it was!
Through out the week we did two more one-on-one interviews, one with the FO&O and one with Anton Hagman. 
The rehearsals of the day we were going to interview FO&O were late and we didn't knew how things would worked out since FO&O were rehearsing right before the time we had set. But things worked out and we got our interview with the boys. 
I've been a fan of Swedish music and been around for a while so I've seen how many of the artists have grown from when they were just starting off. The same goes off for FO&O, I even met Omar briefly before the whole thing started off with the Fooo. Many people thinks that the guys in The Fooo/FO&O are just another boyband that just have been giving everything and that they don't really work as hard because they have the looks and their fangirls. From the start I've seen that there's a lot more behind what people see of FO&O. They do their own choregraphy, they have been putting out consisting music and been good at promoting themselves. Other than that, they work to contain their contact with their fans and been treating them with merch, livestreams, videos and competitions. Their fans are their everything and they have shown that repeatly and always make sure to show their appreciation for everything the fans do for them. 
I enjoyed hearing them getting to speak more in dept of their work and them as artists. I think it's not often they get to speak about the work behind the performances and everything that people only get to see on tv or hear on the radio. 
Anton Hagman was one of the debuting artists in Melfest. It seems like Anton was a bit popular since before from YouTube but I had actually didn't heard about him they announce the artist for Melfest. His songs "Kiss You Goodbye" is very catchy and is actually one of my favorites from this year. 
He's a very new artist and hasn't been around for that long but he has done a couple things musically before this. Anton was in a due called "JA" and have been on promotours in Singapore. In our interview you can hear him talk about "JA", music, how he felt about competing against Loreen and much more! 
It felt awesome that we could get 6 out of 8 acts for one-on-one interviews, it was also a relief since then we didn't had to stress about getting numerous interviews at the press conferences. At this time, we knew how to organize our work and how to prioritize what we should do so things felt more easier and natural than before. 
I hope you haven't got tired of my Melfest blog posts since there are more coming. Despite that you are not a fan of these artists or this kind of music, I hope you can enjoy seeing the photos and hearing the stories anyway. 
Until next time, ingat! 

Baking day at Linnéa's place!

My friend Linnea and I, have been helping out with baking cookies for some of the culture events in the commune. Linnea and I are very busy people, she's studying at the university while I'm working and always away doing something. The baking days we have is basically the only times we meet each other these days, which is fun that we get to do. 
If I'm going to admit, these pictures are actually from last year. As some of you have noticed, I've been very bad at publishing the content I make in a timely manner. Things were messy last year, I wasn't confident enough of my work and my computer didn't wanted to let me work with my photography at all. With a new computer, things will hopefully change this year!
Even if these pictures are a bit old, I think they are still relevant since we are still baking cookies together. 
I don't remember what exactly these cookies are called but at least they tasted very good. xP
Despite being lactose intolerant, chocolate is one of my favorite things so I really enjoyed these cookies once I got to try it out.