"Little Willie John"

I had forgotten what an amazing voice Daniel has and this version of the song is just wonderful! ^_^

Flashback: "Rum för kultur" - Linnea Henriksson!

 14 augusti: Walked around in Gothenburg with Felicia watching the festival that was in town at the time.
Later on the evening we went to see Linnea Henriksson to perform and she was just as wonderful like always! 
It was a very cozy day if I may say so! ^_^

Nutella Cupcakes!

I have for the first time baked ALL by myself and here is the result! (PROUD) ^_^

Flashback: - Lotta på Liseberg - Linnea Henriksson, David Lindgren and more!

A wonderful day with Felicia and Frida at Liseberg!
Got recognize from the stage, saw an amazing show and just had fun! 

Saturday - Christening


"Little things"

A very cute song if you may ask me and the video...... :')
It's fun that this video is a bit different from others.
Cause you know in videos like this it's usually almost always a girl they would sing to and show what they feel. 
But in this video it's more like they are singing to YOU.

Friday Night - Halloween Party!


Flashback: - Lotta på Liseberg - Molly Sandén, Eric Saade and more!

Crazy day with wonderful friends, some disrespectful fans and good artists! ^_^

Amazing day!

Had an amazing and a very cozy day in Gothenburg with Felicia yesterday!
We were out bowling, ate some pizza and just catch up with everything that has happend this past of weeks that we haven't met each other! So it was nice to finally meet again! ^_^