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Todays outfit!

Today my school is holding a gala and here is how I look like today! ^^

|| Rehearsal time! ||

|| This is how my day have been looked like today! ||



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New Design By Carol!

WOHOO! I have now a NEW fresh design by Carol!
Check it out! It totally looks so cool and it's yelloooow! ;o
Hehe hope you like it cause I do! 

And here is Carol's blog if you want to check out her's photos and other cool stuff! ^^

| Photo Shoot - Lina as Sebastian Michaelis | Kuroshitsuji |

Because Carol fixed my blog layout yesterday the pictures is little belated but here they are!

It's pictures from my latest photo shoot with Lina that we had some weeks ago so enjoy! :D


New pictures coming SOON!

This is what I have been up to yesterday.
So be prepared for lots of new pictures when I'm coming home later! ^^


At Linnéas house and are practicing some flute for next weeks concert! ^^

My-To-Do-List for today!

My 17 birthday!

Busy week!

haha okay I know I have said I was going to be better at updating here but it have just been so much with studies, national tests, parties and friends that I didnt had time for it!
But seriously now for real I'm back!

It's soon summer vacation so it's a little calmer in school.
And I'm beginning today! With pictures from my birthday party this weekend!
So stay tuned! ^^



New haircut!