|| Randomness is the shit! ||

okay all I have to say is...Skara Sommarland today was the most random thing Felicia and me have done so far! And it was long time ago since laugh this much! xp So yeah thanks for today and good night! ;P

|| Lotta på Lisberg - Andreas Weise! ||

Monday = Lotta På Liseberg!

And this monday was not an exception! Here is some pictures from the wonderful day with Felicia! ^_^



|| I'M BACK HOME! ||

Woop wop! I'm back home! Been home for two days and it feels great to be back! :D

|| On our way home! ||

Okay after few but wonderful days in France we are now on our way home! ^_^

|| Väldigt kär/obegripligt ensam ||


|| ~~ Waterline ~~  ||

Pictures from sometime in April! ^_^

|| Andreas Moe - Collecting Sunlight! ||

I think EVERYONE should take a look on this wonderful and cute musicvideo for Andreas Moe's new singel
Collecting Sunlight! It's really good and it's one of my favorite song at the moment! ^_^

|| Molly Sandén - Allum 27/5 ||

Forgotten pictures from May when I saw Molly Sandén perform in allum.
(I know they are bad edited but it was just something I did fast...)

|| Look who was on tv last week! :P ||


|| One week ago! ||


|| IN FRANCE! ||

We have now arrived in France and everything is just fine with us! Just some few hours left until we are at the final destination! ^_^

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/7-1/2850318/images/2012/pic_5003c9e39606ee0d0400029a.jpg" class="image">

|| Young love ||


|| PARIS! ||

Okay right now I'm on my way to Paris! It's going to be so much fun! We are going to see Eiffel Tower, go to Disney Land and do lots of more stuff! So I'm so excited! And I'm going to try to update the blog if I found any Internet but if I don't, I have some blog entires that will come up sometime under this next following week so stay tuned! Peace out!

|| Cosplay meet up! ||

Last week I was on a cosplay meet up in Gothenburg with Lina and her friends! ^_^
Even tho I was a bit odd and didn't understand what they talked about (manga) it was quite nice!
Everyone was so kind and yeah I had a great time there! ^^
Anyway here is some pictures from then! ^_^

|| YAY! ||

Woopwop! The blogg.se app is now working again! So be prepared for lots of more updates! ^^

Time to listen through some new albums! ^^


My new bag! ^^

Birthday party!

This weekend it was my baby sister's birthday so we had a birthday party!
There Felicia, my brother and me were game leaders (does it called like that? xp )
and help out my parent to take care of all the kids.
Even if everything didn't go like planned and everything was so stressed it 
turn out really good! It was really fun and haha we even got some nice compliments from
the kids parents for doing a great job! ^^
So yeah maybe it would be our new extra job? lol
Here is some pictures from then anyway so enjoy! ^^

|| Wonderful day! ||

Had a wonderful day with Sarah and Felicia in Gothenburg yesterday! 
We went for the first time at Sarahs place and looked how she lived, went to Liseberg for a while 
and just walked around everywhere and had fun! 
So thanks girls for a fun day! ^^