Gotland part 2 - Kites!

In Gotland, it was very windy so we decided to go and buy some kites! ^_^ 

Gotland part 1 - Visby!

Last week, my family and I went to Gotland for camping, not really my thing but it was fun.
It was really interesting to see the difference between Gotland and Gothenburg. For example the people, in Gotland, they didn't dressed as fashionable like almost everyone in Gothenburg.
They wore more cosier and chill outfits, more my style,
Sure, they had those rich people that wore fashionable clothes and were ready to go out and party, but mostly they were more chill.
The other thing was the people in Gotland are so athletic! We saw lots of people riding their bikes, running and jogging around the island.
Haha, that's not something you'd see often where I live. 
Visby, the main city in Gotland was really cosy and the small shops everywhere was so cute. It was a really nice and calm city with not so much traffic. 
But I have to admit, I prefer more bigger cities where things actually happens like event, concerts and movement.

Filipino Christian Community - 5th General Assembly!

Yesterday my family and I went to this Filipino party where the Filipino Christian Community had this 5th general assemble. There was Filipinos from all over Sweden and even from Denmark!
I usually get a bit skeptical about going to Filipino parties but this was actually quite fun! 
It was almost like you were back in the Philippines for a day!
Everyone spoke english, tagalog and swedish, being polite and just had fun! 
First, they had a church service, we ate lunch, they did some different competitions and then we ate some more.
They had also these presentation, where they did some different tradition dances from Philippines, it was actually really fun to see!
They even had this live band where they played music and everyone got up and danced!
It was crazy how this 'party' was going for like 10 hours maybe?
5 tips that you should know about before going to a big Filipino party like this:
* NEVER wear too thick clothes cause it will get hot.
* Bring earplugs - cause people will talk more, louder and even be screaming more than you ever could imagine.
+ for the loud music they will be playing!
* Be prepared that you WILL be in pictures, A LOTS of pictures cause Filipinos REALLY likes to take photos of themselfs and each other!
* Have a good night sleep the night before, cause it will take all of your energy to be active all the time.
* Don't eat too much food before the party cause you will get food there. 
- You never leave a Filipino party hungry
Oh, and they had this competition where they got materials and newspapers in a group to design clothes/dresses within an hour or so. The best designed dress would win a prize!
Here is just three of the competitiors in the contest! 
Such a shame that I didn't get more photos of people cause it was REALLY hard to take good pictures because of the ligtning, too much people and movement. 
I really don't have the right equipment for this kind of photos inside. 

Grown Ups 2!

On thursday I was at the cinema with my brother and two of my cousins.
We saw Grown Ups 2 and I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical about the movie.
The movie started and it was actually not that bad at all! - Really funny and it was many well-known people in the cast.
For example Taylor Lutner and Milo Ventimiglia, that I got really surprised to see!


The winner of my little shout out competition is:
...Maria Cabanas from Mexico!
CONGRATULATIONS! - Thank you for participating and for reading my blog, I really appericate it!
Follow this nice and pretty girl on her Instagram at: majocabanas 
- Do it NOW!


Didn't went as planned but I HAVE A WINNER!

So the competition didn't went as planned and not many participate but I have a winner! 
Here is what it was in the plastic bag! 
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpaste
- Lipbalm
- Water bottle
- Pens
- Dental Floss
-  Mouth wash 

New in!

While all other girls are posting pictures of all their new clothes that they have bought, I'm going to be different.
This is my new DVD that I bought the other day!
- Justin Timberlake - Live from London! 

Guess what it is in the bag!

During my last day at work I got this bag full of things from work as a thank you for my hard work.
- Can you guess what it is in the bag? ^_^
(The one who can get most correct answers of 7 different things will win a shout out for either your blog/instagram/twitter or youtube channel! - Make sure to compete! You have til tuesday to participate!)

A week ago: "Lotta på Liseberg" - Rascal Flatts!

A week ago I was once again at 'Lotta på Liseberg' to see the show live. This time I was there for Rascal Flatts!
It was amazing and I basically heard 'Bless the broken road' LIVE ! :') 
The show was fun as always, it was just SO annyoing that the people who sat in front of me was SO TALL, that I barely could see the stage and to take photos. 
So be nice, the photos isn't that good this time. They are all blurry but I thought it could be fun to post them as a memory anyway! :)

Westlife - The Farewell Tour

As some of you know, I'm a very big fan of Westlife and have been that since as long as I remember.
- I basically just saw their video of their very last concert that was hold in Dublin. Apparently it was on TV earlier tonight and I didn't knew that before 30 minutes of it have already been shown. 
Lucky me, SVT had uploaded the show on their website so I could see it from the beginning. 
It was my first time seeing it and it was absolutely AMAZING but it was too much tears for me to handle. - I literally couldn't stop crying.
I'm still sad that I didn't had the chance to see them last year and to experience a real Westlife concert my own. 
 But I should be happy about the fact that I do have seen them live once and even met them FACE TO FACE. THAT have to be one of the best days in my life, ever! :') <3
"Boybands today are nowhere near to be as great as Westlife ever was! "

Summer job!

4 weeks ago, I started my summer job at the local dentist clinic and yesterday it was my last day at work! It has been really fun to see how they are working and getting a perspective on how a real job could be. This job was a new experience and I learned a lot during the time.
- This made me more sure about my goals and dreams that I want to fullfil.
Now it's time to enjoy my vacation for real, just do whatever I want to do! Relax and just have fun! 
 Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

18th birthday!

I have been busy with work lately but yesterday I finally got time off to get a bit more proper sleep.
During the day I also got time to go to my cousin and celebrate his 18th birthday! It was nice seeing some familiar faces again and see how everyone was feeling.
I haven't met them in years and so much have changed, I mean some of them even has children now?!


Last sunday, we celebrated my sister's birthday. It came some friends and family over and it was nice seeing everyone again!
Here is a picture of our cookies that my brother, sister and I made. They were actually quite good. ^_^

Lotta På Liseberg - For the first time this year!

Last monday I went to Lotta På Liseberg with Felicia and Frida for the first time this year!
Going to Lotta På Liseberg has been a tradition for sevaral years now and it was absolutely wonderful to be back!
It was fun seeing so many familiar faces, enjoy the music and just have a great time with friends! 
 I'm so happy that we are back!