Day 29 – This I have a phobia for!


Day 28 – This is what I miss

My relatives in Philippines!
I really miss them....

Day 27 – My favoriteplace.

Uhmmm.. I don't know really...I have 2 placec to choose...

...My grandmum's house in Philippines or my house I live in with my family.. :)

But you can also say that..... 
....My favorite place is wherever my family/relatives/friends in my heart! <3

Day 26 – My fears.

Uhhmmm... I don't know really... I don't have any really fears that I can think about now...

... But yeah 2 fears that I have is being left alone all by myself in this world...and... insects! :)

But yeah I can't come up with anything else right now :)

Day 25 – My favorite artist/other famous people.

uhhmmm.. favorite artist/famous people?

I have a lot artist/famous people that I look up to and inspires me...
....but here are just a few of them :))




...Justin Bieber...

...Bruno Mars...

...Lady Gaga...


...and more! ^^

(Pictures taken from google )

Day 24 – This makes me cry.

uhmm... what makes me cry??

I don't know really....i don't cry so often but yeah when really bad things happens i can cry...
...or when I laugh so much I can start to cry or whenever something really good happens I can also cry ^^

So yeah I can cry in diffrent occasions ^^

Day 23 – This makes me feel better.

* My friends
* My family/relatives
* Music

....and especially this 2 wonderful people!
They always manage to make me feel better and happier even just by a smile! ^^

Day 22 – This upsets me.

* War
* People that harm others in diffrent ways, both physical and mentally
* injustice
* when people harm animals
* death

Uhmm....I can't come up with antything more but yeah when people
and animals get harmed makes me upset :)

Day 21 – My Raise and Raze list.


* Best friends! <3
* Music ~~
* People who dare to show others that they are little diffrent :)
* Peace and Love <3
* Jedward! ^^


* War
* Tiredness
* That I'm to shy
* All bad that is happing right now
* People that don't respect other people, animals and our nature/the planet!

Day 20 – Something that I'm looking forward to.

Uhmm.... I have lots of things that I'm looking forward to... Oskar Linnros concert on monday, rix fm festival on sunday next week and other stuff
with some friends! ^^

But if I must say one thing...
... I would say to start school ^^

Going to start gymnasiet and yeah I actually looking forward to it ^^

It's going to be nice to meet some new friends and study/do what you really want to do ^^

So yeah it will be nice ^^

Day 19 – This is what I regret.

Uhmm... I regret lots of things, like I have been to quite in some moments and some times didn't
do what I wanted to do...

And others stuff that I could had done a little better...

but yeah I can't take it back now :)

Day 18 – What I want to be come when I get older!

I want to become a photographer! ^^

Day 17 – Someone that means a lot to me.

I have lot of friends, family and relatives that mean a lot to me...!

But I have one friend...One friend that is closest to me... and that is Felicia!

She have always been there for me and is the one that I always can turn to if
I need to talk with someone or if it's something else!
We are like the same person....but just two versions of the almost same personality!
...I'm the quite and take it easy version and Felicia
is more the crazy and more energytic version! x))

But us 2 together...hahha ... especially when we are tired...hahha! x'D

But yeah she means a lot to me and we have our memories and things we share together..
....and other things that just we 2 understand..! ^^

I have a lot to thank her THANK YOU FELICIA FOR EVERYTHING! <3
U will always have a special place in my heart.. <3

Day 16 – Something that I love.

Something that I love....uhmm... I love lots of things..!

But if must say something I would
say music, photography, my Ipod and my camera! ;P


30 days entires to know me have been bad update lately... not good!

We can say that I took a little break with that x)

hehe...but I will start exactly where I left it!  xP

So preper to read things that you will get to know me a little better ^^

So check out the blog soon! ;)

Day 15 – My dreams!

I have a lot of dreams and I'm trying as good as I can to make them come true!

One dream is that I want to become a photographer that can live on the money I earn!

Another dream that have for a long time now is to see and meet Westlife live... !

And my biggest dream off them all is to be that confident girl that isn't that shy and can
talk to people whenever I like.!

I have tried to make that dream come true my hole life and I'm still trying!

I haven't give up yet and I have a long way left but I have complished lots of thing over these years, at least in the recent past !

I'm happy what I have complished so far and I'm not giving up yet!

So yeah everyday in my life is a struggle to get my dream come true!

So don't forget if you can dream it you can be it! <3

Day 14 – One picture of me from last year and one from today.

I didn't find any good picture on just myself from last year so I took this :P

Here is it me and Måns Zelmerlöw! x)

And here is a picture that I took just for a hour ago...haha x)

Day 13 – Something that means a lot to me!

hmm... yeah I have a lot of things that mean very much to me...

But if I must choose one I choose my birthday this year..!

It was the BEST birthaday ever..! For REAL!

This year I spend my 16 years birthday in Philippines with my family, some friends and lots of relatives!

It had been years the last time we was there so it was really fun and amazing to celebrate
my birtday there!

Everyone had planed a suprise party for me and they had book a catering, waiters and yeah a hole party tent!

and almost every cousin + my brother had practice a dance that they showed on the party!

And the amazing thing was that they had just practice the dance for 5 days or something! D:

The dance was amazing and was so fun to see and my brother also sang!

And one of my cousin is dancing in a dance crew .. so the dance crew was also invited and they performe at the party and it was so fun!

I couldn't stop smiling under the hole party and ....hehe... I was so HAPPY! :D

So that party and what everybody did for me then means a lot me! 
And if someone that was on the party and is reading this... THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

It was the best time of my life!

Here is 3 pictures from my birtday ^^

Day 12 – In my bag!

This is what you can find in my purse :))

But it can depend what it is in ... depending where I'm going ^^

Day 11 – My siblings.

I have one little brother and one little sister! Their name is Bryan and Sara!

My siblings is just the wonderfulest that you ever can have!

Even if we have our fights, I still love them!

I don't think that they want to be in the blog so i don't upload any photos on them :))

But yeah I will always be there for them if they need any help :)

And they are always there to make me smile :)