Look what I got!

I really think that EVERYONE should listen to this album, it's absolutely AMAZING! You won't regret it! 


So I haven't been updating much this past week cause of all the studies I had BUT now I'm free! 
Or at least from school for a week!
Then I will have lots of more time to do my best to get this blog started again! 
Be prepared for LOTS of pictures these next following days from my last week of summer vacation that I haven't uploaded yet. 
Until then have nice day!

Roller coaster week & Danny!

This past week has really been a rollercoaster week for me!
Been so stressed out about all the school work I had and still has to next week.
I even got a break down in school cause of that but it's alright now! 
Between all the stress and all the studies I manage to meet Danny! 
Seriously it has to be one of the most random thing ever! Got so chocked that I couldn't even talk to him.
I just standed there smiling and laguhing but the sweetie he is, he came up to me and Madde and starting to talk with us, hugged us and just being a cutie! :') I'm so grateful that I got to meet him this week!
I even think I would never make through this week as well that I did if I didn't met him so I'm happy about how it turned out at last! ^_^

Locked out of Heaven!

The most played song today!  

Feels like the whole world is holding their breaths.

Skydiving from the edge of space down back to earth? How would this end.....
*Crossing my fingers that he will make it*


What do I do on a Saturday like this? Well the answer is...HOMEWORK while listening to some good music. ^_^ 



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New design + New updates = Fresh new start!

HEY EVERYONE, I'M BACK! Have you missed me?
I guess you have noticed that I haven't been updating here for a while. It have just been 
so much lately with the last week of the summer vacation, the school start and just everything in my life has been a roller coaster lately so I haven't felt like updating at all. 
BUT now I'm back again and have LOTS of new pictures to show, more fun adventures to go on and just 
live my life they way I want and try to make my dreams come true! 
So are you with me?! :D
Photographer; Carol Gabriel