Lizel Strömberg

2017's New Year's Resolutions!
It's funny how many of us make New Year's Resolutions every year as a start of the new year. 
In one way, it can be a negative thing since it can make people wait to do the changes they need to do before the year ends or things they can start with earlier. Positive side to have new year's resolutations is that they can make you more driven to make changes in your life.
When I was younger I didn't had any resolutions and only in recent years I've made ones during the last week of the year. I think making new year's resolutions makes it's easier for some people to look back on and to see what they have accomplished during the year.
My new year's resolutions usually aren't something very specific since it can create unnecessary stress if I don't manage to fullfil them exactly the way I imagine in the beginning of the year. Consider that idéas, projects, goals or anything can change into something else or better throughout time. Either way, I thought I would do a small list for my resolutions in 2017. 
My goals/resolutions for 2017:
» Create content that makes me happy
» Try to stress less 
» Start making videos
» Get stronger 
» Learn more Tagalog
Another thing that I don't need to write in my list anymore which I always strive for anyway is to experience something new. What about you? Do you have any new year's resolution or goals you want to reach in 2017? 
Please let me know, I'm curious to know! ^_^
#1 - Lina M

(Blir svenska för är seg i huvudet)
Min lista är :D
* Börja gymma mer regelbundet
* Bli mer sparsam
* Lära mig att ta kritik ^^''

#2 - Lina M

Hah missa att skriva med resten >__<
Bra skrivet, o tycker dina mål låter väldigt bra ^^
Hejar på dig ;P