Lizel Strömberg

Landvetter -> London!
After 2 years of working ans saving up money with Linnéa we finally got to go to our dream city, London! All my life I've wanted to visit the UK and London, so I was super excited to finally be able to! 
It was actually Linnéa's first time going by plane, so she was even more excited to go! It was so funny to see her excitment. She had been quite nervous about the flight and basically gave me all the responsibility with checking-in our luggage and boarding the flight. 
As soon as we got in the air everything was all fine. Linnéa got more relax and was even smiling and giggling during the take off. xD
We landed in Gatwick and just from being at the airport, it was such a change from how people in Sweden are like. Everyone were much more polite than what I'm used to experience in Sweden. It was very nice for a change!