Lizel Strömberg

~ Shopping with Samir Badran at Missäy ~
Hey everyone!
Last week, I attended the event "Shopping at Missäy with Samir", which Missäy had organized in their store in Gothenburg. The event was basically a promotion thing for Missäy and their clothiing, where the costumers who bought an item from the store, got their bag sign by Samir Badran. 
Since I was going to run some errands in town, I thought to just pop in to say hi to Samir and take some pictures. But the plan changed, and I ended up being at the event during the 3 hours that it took place. What can I say? I had pictures to take. xD
I arrived a bit late to the event, so I thought it would be tons of people there already and it would be hard to get into the store since it's smaller. But once I got there, I got very suprised that there were not more people attending the event. 
I've met Samir several times during the past year and I don't think I have ever seen him smile as much as he did during this event. He was geniuely happy to meet everyone that came around to say hi to him. 
It was a lot of kids there with their mums to meet Samir and get their photos taken together with Samir. I have a couple pictures of kids getting their pictures taken with Samir that are super cute, but I'm sad for not being able to post them. Since you always have to be extra caution when it comes to post pictures of children.
Here's one picture though, a bit blurry but just to show you a bit from it. Samir was so sweet towards the kids and he treat everyone kindly.
Even if the main point with the event was to get costumers buy clothes from the store, and then get Samir's autograph, he made sure everyone that wanted his autograph, got one!
There was one fan that got up to Samir with her bag to get it sign. He got all concern and asked if she really wanted to have his autograph on her bag, since he didn't wanted to ruin the bag. 
Once he signed it, he looked at it and got proud of it because he thought it looked cool. Also because his writing turned out pretty well! He was so proud of it that he even showed the bag to the staff working beside him. Haha it was so cute!
At on point, I was going to take a picture, only of Samir by himself. I was ready with my 50mm lens since it's the better one and made me got up closer to him. He was all ready posing, and I was about to take the picture but then suddenly he break off his pose and said: "No, no, no. Wait! Get some people in the picture, so I don't look all alone!". It's such a typical thing for Samir, doing something random as that. 
I was not prepared for that to happened, so the picture turned out like this. The fans are all blurry and they are way too bright, also I don't like how they are covering their faces. But at least Samir turned out well. xD
And for those who thinks Samir has only small/teenager girls as fans, he has not. There were several guys coming into the store to talk to him and get their picture with him.
Let me tell the story behind this picture. 
In the beginning of the signing, Samir had called me out (which totally caught me off guard) to come over to say hi despite that I didn't stood in line. So he basically made me cut in line, just to talk to me which made people starting to wonder who the heck I was. It seemed like some people thought I was Samir's personal photographer that took pictures for his blog. Which I wouldn't mind. 
These four girls came up to me after a while, and asked me who I was photographing for. I told them that I run a blog where the photos will be published at. They got all curious and wanted me to write the blog address to it, which I did. Since they were all nice and it feelt like they wanted a picture with Samir together, I offered to take a photo of them in change that I could post it here and they linked/tagged me if they use it on their social medias. They got all excited over it, and they were so sweet when they asked Samir if they could get a photo with him all together. 
This way I also got another kind of photo to post here which gets you another glimpse of the event.
After meeting Samir multiple times, having pictures together where we look all kinds of ways, we finally got one where we look decent! I can assure you, he was much happier than he looks like and this is just his "model face". The picture would have been perfect if he smiled, but I'm happy as it is, since this is such a big improvement compared to all the other photos we have together. Haha
To end this post, here's Samir with the lovely staff at Missäy! Credits to the girls working in the store for handling the event well and making sure everyone who wanted a picture, got one! 
P.S. If you are curious to see more pictures of Samir, there will be more blog posts from finale week of Melodifestivalen with exclusive photos that never have been posted before!