Lizel Strömberg

Welcome Party @ Stockholm's City Hall
After the first interviews for the week, we had to get ready for the welcome party at Stockholm's city hall. Back during the first semi final, we didn't really knew how things worked at the welcome parties. But for the welcome party during the finale week of Melodifestivalen, we knew more what to expect from it. We ran a bit late because we had to go to the apartment where we were staying at to drop off our luggage, so we missed the whole press thing at the beginning of the night. We didn't mind because we knew we would get the opportunity to talk with the artists later that week. 
I didn't took that many pictures during the party, consider that I was tired from running around during the day. Also I didn't felt like intruding people with taking pictures of them when they were having dinner or talking to one and other.  
While Jenevia sat at the table having some thing to eat and had conversations with the other international press who sat there, I walked around took some pictures because I noticed that some people conducted interviews and got their pictures taken. I thought it would be fun to have at least some pictures from the event, so I walked around and tried not to be in the way while I was photographing the other press doing their work.
I went back to Jenevia and we mingled a bit, said hi to people we hadn't met in a while and just had a fun time. 
David from Holland, who is a friend of us was there at the welcome party as well. I've been talking to him a bit online, and this was the first time we met. He was as funny and as nice, as I thought he would be. I loved meeting him and he's definitely a person I will keep in touch with. 
More unseen pictures from my experience of doing coverage of Melodifestivalen will be published soon. Also, I've got a lot of other pictures from various events and from my everyday life to share, which will be included in their own blog posts. If you are curious to see all of my new pictures and to read my stories, make sure to follow me on my social medias and keep an eye out for more updates!