Lizel Strömberg

Melodifestivalen Press: Afterparty
During the live show of semi-final 1 of Melodifestivalen, we sat in the pressroom together with all of the other press watching the show on screen. Jenevia and I were kind of the only ones that were reacting to what was going on at stage. All the other reporters were so into their work and writing live updates that they didn’t really seemed to be in the moment and watching the show.

After been interacting with all the acts throughout the weekend, we were even more tense over getting to know the result since we had seen all their hard work during the rehearsals and knew how much they wanted to show people what the have been working on and also how much they hoped people would like it.

One of the funniest things during the show was the dramatic reading of the song “Groupie”. The press that had seen it during the dress rehearsals, they knew what was coming but they were laughing as hard as the first time they saw it. But I can’t blame them, those dramatic readings are one of the funniest!

I was actually very happy about the result of the show, Robin and Ace went to the finals and then Samir & Viktor and Albin & Mattias got to Andra Chansen. (But in reality I wanted all four acts to go to the finals together with Mimi)
Minutes after the show it was time for press conference with all the acts. The organisation for it was terrible. I don’t want to get into it too much because it will just make me mad, but all I can say is: we didn’t get the footage we had planned to because people were rude, unprofessional and cut in line. Jenevia put the small amount of footage that we manage to get into one video, which you can see in the clip below.
Later on it was time for the afterparty. We got the opportunity to attend it through our press passes, so we decided it would be fun thing to go to. Even if I was allowed to take pictures during the party to get some footage for our outlet, it felt weird doing that. Seeing all the other photographers going up close to people faces with their cameras in some times, a very awkward and intruding way, I felt bad. Instead of doing what everyone else did, I kept a distance. I did take some photos when I felt it was fine and I was not intruding anyone.You might have seen it already, but during the after party they played Anna Book’s song and everyone wanted her to get on the dance floor and dance. It was so funny because Viktor got this idea to dance with her and he took it to another level! All I can say is, there were even shirtremoval in it. Everyone just loved it!

We met several acts and people throughout the night, and it was nice seeing them and the fact we had created a respectable bond to all of them was very nice. People were saying hi in the corridors and asked how things were. One thing that was so funny, was when Shayne (Jenevia’s friend in San Francisco) message her telling that there were rumours that Alcazar was at the party. She got all excited because she LOVES Alcazar, and two minutes after that message, she basically had a picture with them. Haha

I’m not even surprised with her managing to meet literally almost everyone in the Swedish pop industry anymore.

We were talking to Samir at one point, and during our conversation his friend Simon Kachoa came over to us. Those two together is the funniest thing ever. I saw them in the program “Spring!” and their personalities and humour is the best. 
If we get the opportunity to attend the after party in Stockholm as well, I will definitely take some more pictures now when I know how things will be, but I will still keep a respectful distances from people. Also, hopefully I know how to use my external flash better so I can get even better photos!
This was it for the first series of doing coverage of Melodifestivalen. We will be back for the finale to do press. It will be a hectic week, and there are probably more things to experience and to do during the finale. Keep an eye out for more updates, and make sure to follow us on our various social medias to get live updates during the week of the finals!

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Until next time, see you and take care!