Hello everyone!
As some of you know, I visited Stockholm last week to attend the festivity during Eurovision Song Contest 2016 together with Jenevia. We had a busy week with seeing the semi-finals live in Ericson Globe, attending events such as Euro After party where we met Samir & Viktor, Wiwibloggs event #WiwiJam and so much more!

I'm back in Globen! Tonight it's time for semi-final 2 of Eurovision Song Contest! I'm super excited since a lot of my favorites are competing tonight!

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I can see that people are lurking here and I'm very sorry to those that are wating to see what I've been up to lately. I'm currently doing the last efforts in school and almost all of my final exams are done. As soon I'm able to, I will be updating my blog more regulary with new current updates but also throwbacks from the past months of several events that have taken place. 

WE ARE IN GLOBEN! - Less than 10 minutes left until semi-final 1 of Eurovision Song Contest starts! Make sure to watch the broadcast on SVT or through the official ESC website. Let's do this!

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The pictures I've attached in this blog post are mobile pictures that I took during the week of ESC. It will be kind of be sneek peaks before the real photographs will get published. Make sure to follow my Instagram as well, I will try start uploading photographs there more regular and other than the ones I publish here. 

Tonight it's the finale of Eurovision Song Contest! I will be cheering for my favorites Sergey Lazarev, Amir, Donny Montell and Dami Im. Who's your favorite tonight and who do you think will win?

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I have loads of pictures to share and I have plans to grow my brand even bigger, so I hope you will stick around to see what's coming! 

Eurovision Song Contest is now over for this year. This week, I got to experience the contest closer than ever before by being live in the arena to see the show and attending events throughout the week. I've had so much fun and it will definitely be an experience I will always remember. I have loads of pictures to share and stories to tell. If you are curious to get a glimpse of everything we were up to in Stockholm, I will be publishing blog posts on my blog with pictures and stories, so make sure to stay tuned on my social medias for more updates! Also a huge thank you to Jenevia for everything this week! ✨

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 Until next time, ingat! (Take Care)


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