Lizel Strömberg

Valborg | Cortége 2016
The past weekend, the people in Sweden celebrated a feast that is called "Valborg" which takes place every last day in April. I guess a lot of people here doesn't really know why we celebrate, in short terms: these days it's to celebrate that the spring is here. The holiday is most known for it's bonfires that people light up around Sweden and some places shoots some fireworks. Also it's another holiday for Swedes to drink alcohol. 
Here in Gothenburg, the university "Chalmers" has this kind of "parade" on the streets of Gothenburg where the students build different scenes of cardboards and paper machié on top of trucks. The different scenes are of currents events and done with a bit humour in them. There's also some rebuilded vehicles such as toilets, cars and other home mad stuff. 
My family and I were a bit late to the caravan so didn't get good places to see everything. But my brother and I ended up front row in the end. If you are in town when the "parade" is happening, I would recommend you to see it. It might be a bit hard to get the jokes since you need to understand Swedish, but it could be a fun experience to get anyway. 
It was difficult to photograph the big trucks and get some decent pictures of them, but at least I managed to get pictures of the people walking on the streets.