Lizel Strömberg

Hello Everyone!
As some of you have noticed the update here has been very bad for a long time now. The amount of excuses I can come up with, can get many but the biggest issue has been my equipment for blogging. My computer which I bought to get loose from school has been too slow for me to be able to work on my photography properly. 
Finally for the first time, I have been able to buy my very first new computer by myself. My new Macbook is faster than I imagined! It's so fast that I can barely keep up with it. xD
Photographed & Edited by Carol Blomarv
So, since I have a new computer that actually allows me to being able to work on my photography and blog, I will try my best to make time to update here more regulary than ever before. Getting footage to post is no problem since my archive is full of unseen pictures. 
Thank You for all your patience, means a lot that some of you keep checking out the blog despite the bad update. I can't promise anything since I'm verry busy with school and work, but I will try my very best to publish at least 1 new blog post each every week starting from next week. I hope you will stick around to follow my journey to becoming a successful photographer. 
Stay Tuned for more updates.
Until next time, take care!