Lizel Strömberg

Autumn Forenoon
I'm always busy working whether it's at my ordinary job or my photography. I have too many things that I want to do, that I some times forget to take a break. Many of friends are also busy with different things in life which makes it hard making plans to meet on a specific day. Because of the fact that I rarely meet several of my friends at the same time, those occasions when I do, I appreciate it more.
A while ago, Lina organized a Fika for our group of friends to get to chance to catch up and just have a nice time meeting everyone again. It was me, Paulina and Louise that came and it was lovely meeting everyone again like this. I meet Paulina and Lina everyday at work but the vibe gets different when Louise is there but that's just fun since we rarely get to meet her. 
Lina was a lovely host and she had set the table very nicely with tea, coffee and biscuits for us. I really like her style which has a more cute, innocent and bright look compared to what I'm used to and have my own. She also has an eye for photography and she knew that I would wanted to photograph the things she had set on the table which she had in mind when dining the table. Bless her! I only took a couple of pictures since I didn't want them to wait for me too long. I didn't took pictures of us since I wanted to focus more on being in the room and active in our conversations and not think about photographing. 
It's nice getting to photograph something else for a while to experience different type of photography which also can make me learn more abut my settings and how to think while photographing. I'm aware that a lot of people follow me because of my content in music and the swedish pop scene but I need to change it up a bit more for people to know there's another side of me than that. 
I want to end this post by saying thank you to Lina, Paulina and Louise for a fun fika and I had a lovely time to catch up!
Until next time, ingat!