Lizel Strömberg

Music Monday | Karma is a B*tch
Something that people might not know is that Samir Badran has been making music a long time before Samir & Viktor. When he was younger he used to make music which was more hiphop influenced where he was rapping the versus while someone sang the choruses. One song that he has mentioned several times, which you still can find on YouTube is "Du flög iväg". "Du flög iväg" is dedicated to one of his friends that sadly passed way. 
Samir recently released his second single named "Karma is a B*tch". With this song Samir wants to share the backside of being a public figure. He speaks up about the mistreatment he has faced by being a public figure. Such as how the media have painted him as being stupid, people treating him bad and how people in the music industry have taken advantage of him. 
As I'm someone that pays somewhat a lot of attention to the music (pop) scene in Sweden, I've seen a lot of the mistreatment towards Samir throughout the years. Samir is a person that really stands out from the crowd as he has a very strong character with a lot of energy and persona. As I were press during Melodifestivalen 2016 when Samir & Viktor participated, I've seen the mistreatment and the rudeness towards them first handed. It makes me sad to see how unprofessional and rude the media are towards them. Samir & Viktor are very friendly, kind hearted and funny people. They use their platforms to speak up about important topics as mental ilness, togetherness and always reminding people to stay true to themselves and be kind to each other. I think "Karma is a B*tch" is a very honest song which tells a lot about what Samir has been through. It's very strong of him to speak up about this and let people know that being famous isn't always all that glamours. That there's many backsides of being a public figure. I'm proud over him, this shows that he keeps evolving and that he has a lot more to show. 
I really like this song. The lyrics speaks for itself and I think the narritive of the video visually fits what Samir wants to say with the song. The production of the song could have been more, and the rap could have been a bit faster but other than that, I think everything were excuted well.
This is only Samir's second single and it's going to be intersting to see how he will evolve his music. I'm looking forward to hearing his upcoming solo music but also the music with Viktor.
Until next time, ingat!