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7 out of 12 acts for one-on-one interviews!
The good thing about our interviews from Melfest is that you can watch them afterwards and still get something out of them that isn't related to the contest itself. The way we did our interview was to get more deep to talk more about them as artists, their back catalogue, the future and to just cover a lot of ground. Simply just have a nice chat with everyone 
During the finale week of Melodifestivalen 2017, we managed to get 7 of the 12 acts for one-on-one interviews. All of those interviews took place Wednesday, which was the first day of our week in Stockholm. I arrived in Stockholm the same morning as the interviews and we were on a go as soon as I arrived!
First off, we have Ace Wilder! It's always interesting to hear what Ace has to say and to get her input on the artistry. It's fun that Jenevia always seems to have something more instore for them to talk about even if we have multiply interviews with Ace for just the past year. Make sure to watch the interview above to hear Ace talk about her EP "The Wild Card", culture and react to Ukrainan music videos.
Second interview is with the one and only Boris René. I've said it before, but I will say it again, I love his energy! It's always fun around him, he has such a positive vibe that is hard to miss. I'm happy that we got to do our interviews with Boris through out the contest to show people more of who Boris is. To get to know him more since there's not many interviews where the journalists gets more deep into who he is as an artists, what he has to say about music and even the most basic stuff about how he started in music.
Make sure to check out the interview above to hear Boris talk about the Swedish industry, what's next for him after Melfest and more! 
My mum has been nagging me during the whole Melfest season for not having photos with almost any of the artists and since we had a couple minutes to spare, I decied to get my photo with Boris. 
So, mum if you reading this, look here I am with Boris René! xD
I wasn't in the semifinal where Mariette competed in, so it was nice meeting her and get to hear her talk about her creativity, how she begin in music, that she had her own record label, the swedish industry and lots of more!
We reunited with Nano for another interview. When we first met him, we didn't know what to expect of him as a person and as an artist. This time we were more familiar who Nano is and he kinda knew what to expect from our interview. The first time we had an interview with Nano, he was new to many people and not used to the whole media circus. This time around, it felt like Nano were more relaxed and used to the media, which was nice to see. 
Watch our interview to hear Nano talk about his song "Hold On", what he has been doing during his time off before the finals and what's next. 
For those that has been following my content know that I've been following Robin Bengtsson for a while. I was happy to hear that Robin came back to this year's season of Melfest with a great song and performance that made him qualify. I was not doing press at the semifinal Robin was in this year, so I was happy to meet him again. 
Not many people know but Robin is quite a sassy person. It's fun to see that Jenevia brings that out of him and that he gets to show more of his personality than maybe he would do in other interviews. 
- Make sure to hear Robin talk updates about his upcoming EP, being himself and more! 
One of the returning acts from last year was Wiktoria which quickly became the big favorite this year. We met her last year but this time she felt more relaxed in a way.
Hear Wiktoria compare how the experience of Melfest felt like last year compared to this year, her various songs, her experience with Spanish fans and more in our interview above!
We couldn't get an interview booked with Benjamin Ingrosso but we could get a hold on him during the welcome party in Stockholm, he was happy to talk with us. I hadn't met Benjamin before but I had heard a lot about him from Jenevia when she met him during the second semi-final. After what I've seen and heard about him, he seemed like a very fun and nice person. Once we met him and did our interview, I got confirmed that. 
Hear Benjamin talk about his love for Italian food, his music video for "Good Lovin", songwriting and more!
The video also includes funny moments of Benjamin talking in Italian, making jokes and Robin Bengtsson interupting our interview. 

One of the new comers that quickly became a favorite for many is Benjamin Ingrosso!

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It was funny, right before Robin interupted our interview I saw him walking towards us, he gave me this look and I knew something was coming and just nodded at him and gave him a smile. xD
- I didn't had a lot of photos from these interviews because of limted time but I hope you enjoyed the photos I included and reading the stories behind the interviews. 
Until next time, ingat!