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Semifinal 1: First dress rehearsal for an audience!
Editing photos is an easy thing, but coming up what to write in a blog posts about the pictures is a much harder thing to do. I have loads of footage from Semifinal 1 and I'm very proud over the content I manage to get. 
Here's some mixed photographs from the rehearsals during Friday and the first dress rehearsals for an audience during the same day. Seeing the show in the arena is very cool and you get to see the show in a different way than you are used to. You get another view of the show and it's feels nice to share an experience with the rest of the audience. 
In my opinion, the hosts Hasse, Clara and David are doing a great job! Hasse's accent is one of the best things ever. And I really like the writing of the scripts that welcome in the three different demographics Hasse, Clara and David target with making jokes about the different generations.
Boris René was first out with his song "Her Kiss". I still love his energy and his stage presence. You can tell that he loves to be on stage to put on a show!
Adrijana performed her song "Amare", which I love! For a new coming artist in the contest the staging was great and the colour scheme looked fantastic!
Legendary Charlotte Perreli was back in the contest with a Swedish song named "Mitt liv". It was nice seeing her back but I think many people were a bit disappointed of her song choice since I think that wasn't that kind of song they wanted her to compete with. 
We took a "Road trip" with De Vet Du. Such funny guys and I really like their charisma. As I said before, I liked the intro they are having in the performance which gives the audience a bit of introduction to the members of the group. 
It was funny to see some of the kids in the audience doing the head-movement in the second chorus since it was their first time hearing the song. Seemed like they really like it and thought it was catchy.
Fanfavorite Ace Wilder is back and this time with her song "Wild Child". No disappointments here, she is delivering a bop and a great performance with choregraphy. It felt like Ace was much more relaxed than before which made her able to enjoy the performance more, which I was very happy to see. 
Nano, the black horse of this semifinal. I didn't knew what I was going to expect from him but I got very surprised over his song "Hold On". The song really stood out from everyone else's songs and gave a big impact. Personally I think the song is fine, but the percussion in the song makes me stressed out so it's not a song I would suddenly play. One thing I love about it is the choir!
As a big fan of music, I absolutely love seeing a liveshow and feeling the excitment in the air. See all the happy faces in the crowd and people experience the music. 
I have one last blog post from semifinal 1 of Melfest that I will try to publish during the day or tomorrow. I will be heading to Linköping today for Andra Chansen and do press work with Jenevia once again. 
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Until next time, ingat!