Lizel Strömberg

Celebrating my 22th birthday!
First of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes and the love I've recieved the past two days!
I really appreciate it! 
I don't have a lot to tell about my birthday. I didn't wanted a big celebration of some kind or to go out partying. I simply just wanted to get together and hang out with some friends. I celebrated my birthday at home with a calm dinner with some of my closest friends, which was very lovely. I treasure those moments when you get to hang out with friends without feeling stressed out or having the need to think about what to do the next day. 
Guess what, my mum surprised me with this cake of a pair of boobs. xD
To be honest, I knew something was up. She accidentally told me that she was going to get a cake and had this sneaky sound to her voice when she tried to play it off. Haha. 
Either way, it was funny! I finally got myself a pair of boobs. haha
Here's some of my closest friends that I've known since junior high or high school. A lot of people lose their friends from their time in school or at least don't have the close connection that they had back then. But I'm lucky to still have more than a handful of friends from school that I still have a very close bond to. I'm so happy that we still keep in touch despite that we are busy with doing our own thing in life. 
Thank you to my friends that came and celebrated my birthday and a big thank you to my family for preparing my birthday dinner!