Lizel Strömberg

Andreas Moe, 3 years of absence
Andreas Moe has been an artist that I've followed for several years now. I first saw Andreas back in 2014 on a MixMegapol concert, which unfortunately he was only singing vocals to John De Son's music and not his own music. A couple of months ago, I was happy to hear that Andreas was coming back to Göteborg for a new gig after a very long abscense of not doing any gigs in Sweden. He might haven't done gigs in Sweden but that doesn't mean that he hasn't done anything at all. He has been touring outside of Sweden for example, Germany, UK and some in other countries. 
We know that Swedpop artists can be a bit bad with releasing new material but believe it or not, Andreas has actually been good at releasing music over the years with not only singles but also EP's and an album. He has also done some promotion in other countries which can be found on YouTube. If you enjoy music with a more acoustic vibe I highly recommend you to check out his music on Spotify, iTunes or Youtube. He might not be the common mainstream artist but he has music videos for several of his singles which I think you should watch.
This gig was in Scandic Europa at their Restaurant HAK, were they have musical performances once a month during the spring. Big performances with lots of lights and a big stage in all glory but I really enjoy this kind of acoustic set as well. It's something about the coffeehouse vibe that it's very satisfying to listen to. I had asked my friend Linnea if she wanted to join me to Andrea's gig since I knew she might enjoy it as well but also to get time to hang out with her. 
We arrived around 30 minutes before the show to settle in and get a spot infront of the stage. I was very excited about seeing Andreas again since I hadn't seen him since 2015. I was looking forward to hear some of his new songs on his latest EP "Maybe It's All We Dreamed Of". 
It was nice seeing that the audience were a mix of different people, there were people in different ages and I actually think that it was mostly guys who were there to listen. Which was a pleasent surprise!
At this gig, I didn't wanted to focus on my photography as much as I might could have because I wanted to sit and enjoy the music. I did take my camera with me since I knew I would regret it if I left it at home. I took some shots where I was sitting because I didn't want to disturb the ones watching the gig. I liked how some of the guys sitting behind us were clapping along to the music and were singing along to the lyrics. 
Andreas set was an hour long and it was nice to just be there to enjoy the music. After the gig, we waited for a bit because wanted to say hi to Andreas. I was actually a bit nervous since I didn't knew if he would remember me after such a long time of not seeing each other. Also consider that our previous encounters have been brief. As soon as he saw me, he greeteed me with a hug and I wans't nervous anymore. He even remembered that I'm doing photography and asked me about how it was going. It was pleasure to meet him again and it was nice to know it seems that I've left a good impression. 
It was still early on the night after the gig so Linnéa and I went for a walk in town and got to catch up more. We had been craving ice cream earlier that day, or something sweet so we ended up eating creeps. I know it's a lot of milk in it, and I can't really eat that but I couldn't resists so I took medicine instead. Haha. I don't have photos from our walk in the city because I just wanted to catch up with Linnéa, enjoy my free time and not be stressing over something. 
To end this post, I want to say thank you to Linnéa for a nice evening! It was lovely to catch up and meet you again! And if Andreas happens to find his way here, I want to thank you as well for being such a nice guy! It was great seeing you perform again, I hope you will do some more touring and release more content in the nearest future! 
Until next time, ingat!