Lizel Strömberg

Taking photographs for Soul Productions!
My childhood friend Andreas recently started a new company named Soul Productions together with his colleague. The company offers their service as lights and sound engineers. When I still was in the Philippines, I recieved a message from Andreas asking me if they could book me as their photographer to one of their booked jobs to photograph them in action for their website. I gladely accepted the offer and it was nice getting to know that he trust me enough and appreciate my work to have me photograph them for their website. 
They were going to work at Sticky Fingers with the lights on the stage at the top floor for two conerts and the lightings at the night club after the show. Before the gig, I tried to prepare myself for what kind of photographs I wanted to take since I could do whatever I wanted. I did some research beforehand, for example I looked through pictures of the venue I was going to, I tried to see other kinds of photos from the nightclub/concert scenes of the ones working with the lights and sound to just get a feel of what kinds of photos they might want.
After being at Melfest, it was fun to photograph something different. I tried my best to get vary shots of Andreas and his colleague Kenny working on set. I'm still not used to photograph in the darker settings of locations, but I'm glad that I get more oppurtinites to practice my work to eventually find a way for me to work better in this enviroment. 
In this blog posts I have only included some of the shots that I took of the guys and if you would like to see the other photographs they picked from the selection of photos I had, you can check out their website: for more photos!
Until next time, ingat!