Lizel Strömberg

Traveling to The Philippines without my family the first time!
Traveling to the Philippines this past time was for many reasons different but the main difference was the fact that I traveled without my parents and my siblings. All my previous visits have been with my family, it was both nervousing and exciting to go by myself. Actually, I didn't go by myself because I traveled with my aunt Gloria and cousin Anton from Sweden. It was all a new aventure ahead of me. We were in The Philippines for a month, between the end of December to the end of January. 
We arrived 27th of December in Manila and were leaving the capital already on the 29th of December to visit my relatives in Bicol. We didn't do a lot things during the first days of our vacation because we were very jetlagged from our flight from Sweden. That's why there's not a lot pictures from those days, I simply wanted to adjust being in a completely different country and enjoy being back with my relatives. 
Fun fact, the first days of being back in The Philippines is always as confusing for me. Whenever I wake up from sleeping I feel so disoriented, that it takes me a minute for me to realize that I'm not in my room in Sweden. Haha. Other than that, for my whole trip there I always have a hard time to actually understand that I'm actually in The Philippines, despite how much I always long to be back. I'm always super excited when I first arrive in the country and I'm always trying to hide my excitment to not look like a crazy person, haha. I'm not sure if people can tell that but that's at least how I feel.
Anyway, I don't have a lot photos from the first days so it will do with these ones for now. This is just the start of my updates and photographs about my trip back to my second home. Hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences in the Philippines. 
Until next time, ingat!