Lizel Strömberg

Molly Sandén | Större Tour
Molly Sandén has been around for quite a while now. Personally, I have never been a hardcore fan but I've enjoyed some of her releases and seen her live multiple times because one of my friends has been a very huge fan of Molly's music. 
In consideration that Molly has released her new album "Större". I decided that I would give Molly a new chance and attended one of her concerts at her summer tour. I also wanted to make this post and picture montage for the followers I have that likes Molly and her music. 
I don't need to do further introduction of Molly, if you follow the Swedish pop industry you know she has been participated in Melfest three times by now, she has been releasing music throughout these past few years and done a lot of charity work as well. Earlier this year, she released her most personal album "Större" which is in Swedish. 
As I wrote before, I've seen Molly multiply times over these past 8 years but this time around, was my first time seeing her in a full concert. I was very curious how her set would look like and which of her songs she would perform. I only breifly listened through her album "Större" before the concert, just to have some kind of sense of what songs she might have on her set list. In my disappointment as someone that is more known to Molly's previous songs, she didn't perform any of her older stuff. But take the consideration that the tour is more for a promotion to her new album, I think it was good that she perform most of the song from the albm to lift them up and give them a chance to be shown for the audience. 
Molly Sandén's recent releases have been playing a lot on the radio and even if her music isn't what you usually listen to, you still can know the words to it since you probably have heard it somewhere. 
As I've seen Molly multiple times before, it was very nice to see how much she has improved on her stage performance. You can tell how much more confident she is in herself and what she brings on stage. It was very nice to see that she's more relaxed, that she moves a lot more on stage, dances and joining her band behind her to have fun with them too.  
I've included some of the songs that I hear the most of Molly's songs in this post to those who still haven't heard them yet.  
I really liked the fact that Molly and her whole band went infront of the audience to give them a thank you all together. It's always nice to see everyone that is on stage that are playing behind the main artists, to get a glimpse of who they are. 
If you want to try to catch Molly during her summer tour, here's a list of some of the announced dates. You can check them out and find some information on Livenation's website. 
That was it for this time, I hope you enjoyed my post about seeing Molly Sandén in concert and seeing my photographs of her.
Until next time, ingat!