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Icona Pop officially started the concert summer!
The concert summer has officially started!
My premier concert was with Icona Pop at Liseberg last week. This time, everything felt more special than usual since I managed to get my first photo accreditation for a show at Liseberg. I've been struggling with getting photo accreditation these past few years at various events so getting this was a proof that I can do it! People can see my work and think it's good enough to let me come and do coverage of their event. It truly was a boost for my confidence. 
For this concert, I was very excited to be seeing Icona Pop live. Last time I saw them doing a full set was back in 2012 when they made their breakthrough with "I Love It". When Aino and Caroline first started out, they were more of DJ's than singers and performers. What I remember from my first time seeing them, they were a lot by the DJ booth and were not moving around the stage as much. By seeing Icona Pop last week, I could tell that they are much more confident on stage and have develope a lot in their stage performance. 
Before the show I was a bit concern that I wouldn't know as many of their songs, as a pleasant surprise I knew almost every song they performed. In this situation, I think many people don't think they know the songs of Icona Pop but as soon as they hear them, they know the words to it. 
It was very hard to photograph the band in the back of the stage because they were so far away but I managed to capture at least one or two shots of them. I liked that Caroline made her way back there as well and jam with the keyboardist. 
(Insert story: The security by the front of the stage were giving me a bit of a weird looks when I clearly went my own way when taking photographs in the photo pit. I didn't stood with the other photographers and didn't necesserily only photographed Aino and Caroline all the time. I guess they are not used to having someone doing something different. 🤷🏽‍♀️)
One of the things I really liked about Icona Pop's set which I think is important for me to point out is that: there is two big screens by the stage for the people in the back to be able to see what's going on, on stage. What Icona Pop had done was to not only show their concert on the screens but also, their music videos to the songs they were performing! That's how you do the most of what you got. I think it's impressive, I mean meanwhile a lot of the other Swedish pop artists doesn't even have a music video to start with. The fact that Icona Pop had this idea for their concert to show their music video gives an international impression and it's not a surprise that they are as successful as they are. 
I absolutely love the photo with the kid above. I took it right after I left the photo pit to walk out in the audience and I waited for a couple minutes to get a clear sight. I love how the colour and the light in the photo. Even if the kid didn't understand the music she really enjoyed it anyway. 
My personal opinion, my favorite song of the set is "Emergancy". I love the beat to it and how catchy it is. I couldn't keep myself from singing along to it. "Emergency" is the very last song they perform which is a great way to end the concert on a high peak.
Overall impression of Icona Pop's set was it felt real and professional. They really took the stage very well with moving around all the time to the different sides to it but also made sure to stand together and connect with the audience. Aino and Caroline are very energetic on stage and puts on a great performance. If the opportunity to photograph them comes again, I will definitely take it. 
Until next time, ingat!
#1 - Lena

Sjukt fina bilder. Livefotografering är verkligen sjukt kul! :)
Äntligen är utomhuskonserterna igång :)

Svar: Tack så mycket! Håller helt med dig, livefotografering är så kul man vet aldrig vad som kan hända särskilt när det är utomhus. ^_^
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