Lizel Strömberg

Samir & Viktor, made the audience shuffla!
Samir & Viktor has started their spring/summer tour and they came to Göteborg to begin the summer season of this year's concerts at Liseberg! I had no expectation what's so ever with this gig, I had no further access either. I simply just wanted to show my presence and watch their show. The same weekend Liseberg had their opening of the season and had three days of celebrating the premier. There were a lot of various activies for kids around bunny area like theather, face painting including the show by Samir & Viktor. 
The rain was POURING down during the whole concert and I was not able to get the footage I wanted. I basically couldn't put my camera out for it to get wet, I couldn't risk it. I did managed to get some photographs during the first songs before the worst rain had started. 
Jamalde is the DJ and the dancer of Samir & Viktor's shows. I haven't been able to capture a good photo of Jamalde before this show and I'm so happy that I managed to get at least one good photo of him this time!
It was so much fun seeing all the kids doing the shuffle dance when Samir & Viktor was peforming "Shuffla". Some people make fun of the fact that Samir & Viktor has a lot of kids as fans but in my opinion, that target group can be the one of the hardest ones to make them like you. And they don't only have kids as fans, they have fans in all ages and genders. 
Samir & Viktor was so sweet, they were feeling so bad for us in the audience for standing in the rain. They kept thanking us for being there, wanted to rush the gig so we didn't had to stay in the rain and get sick. Samir & Viktor kept thanking the parents of the children in the audience for taking their time to come and let their kids to see them perform. 
It's such a difficult task to capture both Samir & Viktor in the same photo because they are so energetic on stage and are always moving in the opposite direction of each other to cover more ground. The only decent photo I have of both of them together is when they take the obligatory picture with the audience. 
After the show Samir & Viktor had a signing for everyone to come and meet them, they even had a merchandise stand where their fans could get T-shirts, caps and posters to sign. Usually signings have the rules that the ones buying merchandise are the ones getting the opportunity to meet the artists and if there's time, the people who didn't bought anything get the chance to come and say hi. One thing that I love about Samir & Viktor's signings are the fact that they let everyone come to the the signings even if they don't buy any merchandise, whoever are welcome to say hi to them and get their photo taken. 
I only met Samir & Viktor briefly because of lack of time and communication, so there's no photo of us together. I'm determined that I will get a photo of us three together one day since despite having met them multiple times over the past 3 years we don't have a photo together. 
It's a bit of a shame that Jamalde doesn't really get his photo taken despite being on every show with the guys so I thought I would photograph the three of them but because things were hectic I ended up only getting Jamalde. But I didn't mind since this way, he got the spotlight for himself. I feel so bad for not properly introduce me when meeting him, but I was so out of it because all of the rain and I was cold. At least now, there's one more reason for me to talk to him next time I see the guys. 
Anyway, this was it for this time. If you want to catch Samir & Viktor on tour this summer you can find the tour dates on Unitedstage's webiste in the following link:
Until next time, ingat!